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10 weeks post-op update

OK, I've been reading & researching off & on for 3 years and I've decided to go for a TT & BBL. Now ladies, if I was younger, I'd be going all out for the video vixen look, but once you're in your 40's EVERYTHANG changes. I mean stuff starts sagging and wrinkling. Cellulite starts popping up. SMH just not fair! If I were to nip & tuck & fix everything I'd be one hot... READ MORE

Questions from dlrshaze

Is a Large Hourglass Figure Possible?

I was an active person till an injury 2 years ago which impacted my mobility. Exercise is not an option. I don't have bad eating habits, but don't diet. My decrease in... READ MORE

Does Transferring Fat to the Buttocks Help the Body Maintain Fat Cell Equilibrium After Lipo?

I am considering liposuction with fat transfer/BBL and I have a few questions. 1) If your weight is stable and you have liposuction, will it trigger your body to expand the... READ MORE

Is it True that Large Volume Fat Transfers for BBL can Increase Risk for Lumpiness?

I've heard that large volume fat transfer (greater than 500cc per buttock) increases the risk of a lumpy appearance due to reabsorption. This is caused by crowding or... READ MORE

Any Doctors in Chicago Willing to Provide Follow-up Care to a Non-patient?

I have decided to go out of the Chicago area for a TT/Lipo. I prefer to not travel back and forth for follow-ups. Yes, I chose a board certified doctor, and I checked on... READ MORE

Second Round Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

I've heard that if you need a second round of fat transfers, that the areas used for liposuction in the first round, cannot be used again to harvest fat for the second round..... READ MORE

Does Our Body Strive for Fat Cell Homeostasis?

If an individual is at a stable weight and undergoes plastic surgery, will the body try to regain what it has lost? For instance: an individual weighs 150lbs for many years,... READ MORE

Discussions started by dlrshaze

Recovery from Tummy Tuck with Toddler- Advice????

Hi All, I'm going to have an extended tummy tuck with liposuction and was wondering, what the recovery will be like. I have a 2 year old, 33lb toddler, and I'm concerned with... READ MORE

Recovery House Recommendations- Dominican Republic

Hi, Has anyone gone to the Dominican Republic for a TT? I'm contemplating it, but I'm not sur eabout the recovery houses. I'd like to have a medical bed and nurses, versus... READ MORE

Recovery House Recommendation- Dominican Republic

I'm looking to have a TT & BBL in the DR in July. Does anyone have recommendations? I'd like the following things if possible: 1) Medical/hospital bed (you know where the head... READ MORE

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MyDreamZ I'm using silicone, bio-oil, hydrocortisone cream, emu oil...LOL you name it! I'm gonna look into laser treatments for scars if the creams don't help. I really wouldn't want to go through another incision if I can avoid it. I... READ COMMENT

Mumder, yours is like that even after the revision? You're lucky, at least the redo resulted in a thinner scar line, mine healed on its own so its way fatter :( READ COMMENT

You had a reaction to the stitches too?? It's weird how many of us had healing problems with our incisions. Sounds like you have the same thing I do. My scar is raised, dark red & hard. Is yours ropey like there is a twizzler under your... READ COMMENT

NevertooLate, I think the issue w/Eve is not an infection, but necrosis, meaning the tissue died. Eve, I'm so sorry yuo're still dealing with this issue! What kind of cream are you putting on it (and don't tell me sufrexal or else... READ COMMENT