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April 12th, 2012

I haven't always hated my nose and I was never teased about it, but I was a late bloomer. I got taller and my nose got bigger through my early 20s. I really started to notice how out of balance it was with the rest of my features when I was about 27 years old - I'm now 34. I found myself wishing I'd accidentally break my nose or something so I could justify a rhinoplasty. The... READ MORE

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Gotta love these one-and-done quickie reviews that were obviously solicited by the doctor. READ COMMENT

Have you checked yourself for diastasis recti? It's where the ab muscles have separated in the middle, causing a pregnant look. Crunches are the WORST exercise for this - they make it worse. Do a google search for how to check yourself... READ COMMENT

What has your original surgeon said about your results? Any explanation? READ COMMENT

Who is your doctor? I had a rhinoplasty in Boise 10 months ago and love the results. READ COMMENT

Your profile looks great! Cute and very natural. I don't want to be rude of uncaring, but I think you should definitely continue to see a therapist to talk about your depsression and insecurities. Perhaps you have been blaming it all on... READ COMMENT