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Restylane in Eye Troughs and Cheeks-not Worth It - Houston, TX

Post facelift, necklift, chin implant 4 years ago. Started to notice some hollowing around eyes and need for volume in cheeks as Dr didn't inject any fat/filler. Went to reputable PS for resty in eye trough and cheeks-now have jowls where I didn't have them before as surgery took them away. Dr used 6 injections to fill up my face and it looks uneven and I'm extremely unhappy.... READ MORE

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Will Skin Return to Normal Once Restylane Wears Off? (photo)

I had a face lift in Dec 2008 with good results. Only issue was lack of volume. Decided to have restylane in cheeks and eye trough by a reputable PS here in town. I now have... READ MORE

Will Skin Return to Normal After Restylane? (photo)

Thanks to some of you docs who answered my previous post - I want to clarify my before and after pics-they are only 6 months apart! The before pic with the bangs is from... READ MORE

Would Chemical Peel or Laser Help This Nightmare from Restylane? (photo0

I had restylane Jan 31st in cheeks, eye hollows, nasio and marionette lines. My facelift was done in 2008 so all doctors assured me the restylane would not impact my face. I am... READ MORE

Lump After Restylane Still There. What Can I Do? (photo)

Restylane performed Jan 31, 2012. Had most of it removed via enzyme due to horrible reaction. I am now left with this lump under my lip that is hard and has not responded to... READ MORE

Fat is Gone After Hyaluronidase-now What? (photo)

So now that the restylane is mostly gone after enzyme injections, my skin looks worse than ever. Flat, saggy and deflated. You doctors told me the skin would return to normal.... READ MORE

Going to Need a Revision Face Lift to Fix Saggy Skin from Restylane? (photo)

I went to see a specialist here in Houston and he confirmed my biggest nightmare. The restylane and the wydase have caused majpr sagging in my skin and I will need a revision... READ MORE

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Restylane and jowling effect

I am 4 years post facelift/necklift and had great results. Only issue was lack of volume in cheeks-went to PS for resty and he injected cheeks, eye trough, marionette lines.... READ MORE

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Clearly, you are misinformed. This enzyme dissolves the natural "glue" that our skin forms. It has ruined my face and people out there need to be advised that the damage can be extensive. DO NOT USE IT. I had a facelift in 2008 that is... READ COMMENT

The enzyme causes fat loss. I had enzyme done to remove resty and it RUINED my face. I am now looking at a revision face lift. It has made a virtual mess of my skin creating folds and other issues. I wouldn't recommend it. READ COMMENT

Thanks Lena2K. I don't care what people like Megan say as she is "managing" the board. I know what's going on with my face and have been to 3 TOP DOCS who all say this could be permanent. These docs don't know what they're doing and... READ COMMENT

I am in your boat. I went to someone "Board Certified" who over injected and now I am suffering from the resty and the enzyme. DO NOT DO THE ENZYME My face is awful-saggy, flat, horrible. What city are you in? I have been to several TOP... READ COMMENT

It did happen to me and I wish I had seen your post. My face is an absolute horrible mess from resty and the enzymes and all the work the facelift did is now ruined. I am so depressed and sad READ COMMENT