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Breast Implant Exchange (Smaller), Breast Lift, Lipo of Sides, Thighs, Arms Abs and Back. And Scar Revision - Fort Lauderdale, F

So I loved my 1200's I definitely got my monies worth out of them. My husband deployed in 2013 and when he came back I was ready for baby #3. I practically begged him for it. And so... I got it. Word of advice- don't get pregnant after a tummy tuck! He didn't ruin my boobs or my tummy, but damn it was uncomfortable to carry him! Instead of carrying him outwards, I was carrying him more up and... READ MORE

BA, BL & TT Scar Revision PLUS Internal Bra and Lipo - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went to a Dr i found on YouTube (Dr Brown) in Virginia. He made my boobs not so saggy, but other than that I'm completely UNHAPPY! My boobs still sag, the size is NOT what i was wanting, my TT scar is 70s style and i have MAJOR fat on my sides. The Dr i went to wasn't very personable, didnt communicate well with me and he did a BAD job. So now, Im going to one of the best surgeons in THE... READ MORE

TT, BL & BA - uh. Why do i have a pooch? -VA

26 year old mommy of 2 (5 year old boy, 6 month old girl). I've never had pretty boobs, but pregnancy did NOT help! I gained the most "pregnancy" weight with my first, but my second is the one who made my boobs deflate even more =[ I always wanted to get my boobs fixed but after i had my son, and saw the stretch marks (and extra skin from the cesarean), I KNEW i had to get a TT... READ MORE

Questions from MrsRod2010

Having a Lift and Aug in 1 Week. Will 533cc Look Ok on Me? Will It Be Safe?

We originally were going to go with 397cc silicon mod+ implants. Then i wanted to go bigger, so we upped it to 457cc silicon mod+... Now, i want to go one more size bigger... READ MORE

533cc and Lift...Will It Do Damage To Anchor Lift? (photo)

I am getting a breast lift and augmentation, 533cc. Will 533cc mod+ look okay on me? Im 5'10'', 140 lbs and without a bra, a 36B/C. I am also worried that it may... READ MORE

Is This Normal? TT 8 1/2 Weeks out W/ Pooch. (photo)

I'm almost 9 weeks out and i still have a pooch. My PS says its swelling, but I'm not so sure. Everyone else who has TTs has a flat stomach by 8 weeks. Its embarrassing... READ MORE

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Picking up my baby after BL, BA and TT?

My daughter will be 7 months when i go in for my surgery (March 8th! Eek!!!). She is 17 lbs, kinda a chunk. I know a million people have asked when you can pick up your baby,... READ MORE

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As of right now, I feel oddly shaped. But I think it's cause I went from mentor plus to high profiles. I still feel so boxy! But time... that's all I got. Ooooo and my corset! I forgot about that! When do you go, kiara? READ COMMENT

I've gained so much! I'm not quite sure how either, but it's definitely got me down. READ COMMENT

I just emailed him. We'll see what he says. Probably something vague ... I'm just hoping there's nothing wrong w my body, like from surgery. Thanks for the response. I needed it! READ COMMENT

Oh jaimek- read my review from my first surgery! Talk about botched! And now I'm going to go read your page! Haha READ COMMENT