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TT, BL & BA - uh. Why do i have a pooch? -VA

26 year old mommy of 2 (5 year old boy, 6 month old girl). I've never had pretty boobs, but pregnancy did NOT help! I gained the most "pregnancy" weight with my first, but my second is the one who made my boobs deflate even more =[ I always wanted to get my boobs fixed but after i... READ MORE

BA, BL & TT Scar Revision PLUS Internal Bra and Lipo - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went to a Dr i found on YouTube (Dr Brown) in Virginia. He made my boobs not so saggy, but other than that I'm completely UNHAPPY! My boobs still sag, the size is NOT what i was wanting, my TT scar is 70s style and i have MAJOR fat on my sides. The Dr i went to wasn't very personable, didnt... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange (Smaller), Breast Lift, Lipo of Sides, Thighs, Arms Abs and Back. And Scar Revision - Fort Lauderdale, F

So I loved my 1200's I definitely got my monies worth out of them. My husband deployed in 2013 and when he came back I was ready for baby #3. I practically begged him for it. And so... I got it. Word of advice- don't get pregnant after a tummy tuck! He didn't ruin my boobs or my tummy, but damn... READ MORE

Questions from MrsRod2010

Having a Lift and Aug in 1 Week. Will 533cc Look Ok on Me? Will It Be Safe?

We originally were going to go with 397cc silicon mod+ implants. Then i wanted to go bigger, so we upped it to 457cc silicon mod+... Now, i want to go one more size bigger... READ MORE

533cc and Lift...Will It Do Damage To Anchor Lift? (photo)

I am getting a breast lift and augmentation, 533cc. Will 533cc mod+ look okay on me? Im 5'10'', 140 lbs and without a bra, a 36B/C. I am also worried that it may... READ MORE

Is This Normal? TT 8 1/2 Weeks out W/ Pooch. (photo)

I'm almost 9 weeks out and i still have a pooch. My PS says its swelling, but I'm not so sure. Everyone else who has TTs has a flat stomach by 8 weeks. Its embarrassing... READ MORE

Discussions started by MrsRod2010

Picking up my baby after BL, BA and TT?

My daughter will be 7 months when i go in for my surgery (March 8th! Eek!!!). She is 17 lbs, kinda a chunk. I know a million people have asked when you can pick up your baby,... READ MORE

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Oh jaimek- read my review from my first surgery! Talk about botched! And now I'm going to go read your page! Haha READ COMMENT

Thanks for the reassurance, Carly. I'll post some screen shots. My husband said my butt has been looking perkier than normal... So I guess the lipo on my back made my butt look bigger? Thanks Doctor Revis lol Ok I'll post screen... READ COMMENT

This is my second time going to Revis. He is so worry free! Sometimes it bothers me, but he ALWAYS ends up being right! And he's so funny- through email I said "thanks for the help. I'll talk with you later" and he wrote back "later"... READ COMMENT

Looking awesome neighbor! Lol we're in Fayetteville too! READ COMMENT

What a transformation!! So happy for you!!! READ COMMENT