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Wrinkle Prevention Crows Feet. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

At 36 I am so very lucky to not have one line on my face unless I scrunch my face up (never smoked, drank, and wear SPF everyday). After having an amazing experience with my ptosis repair and subsequent tear trough filler procedure from Dr. Vidor I figured "why not try Botox?" As with every stupid vanity thing I get done I always like to be cautious and get "under done" on things and Botox was... READ MORE

So Happy with my Doctor and Belotero. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Almost two years ago I decided to get Restylane in my tear troughs, at the time I was pretty happy with the results overall, yeah, there were things that really sucked about it but overall I looked better so I was willing to put up with the lumps, strange floating chunks of Restylane in strange places (like by my nose) and weird pain in spots that took forever to go away. At times I swore I... READ MORE

Congenital Ptosis Repair with Marcus Gunn Syndrome. Colton, CA

I was born with congenital Ptosis with the added crappy bonus of Marcus Gunn syndrome (often called “jaw wink”). If you have been born with Ptosis you know the lack of confidence that comes with this condition. For years I hid from pictures and looking at people. I was constantly bombarded throughout my life with the same question, "What happened to your eye?" If you have Ptosis you know wha... READ MORE

Under Eye Tear Troughs. Love the Results! - Loma Linda, CA

I am 35 and have always had hollow eyes. The rest of my face looked pretty decent, however my eyes were looking so tired and made me look old. I went to my trusted dermatologist for this procedure and I am so glad I did. I am a person that is very nervous and was so afraid to get this done, but my derm assured me that I would likely be happy with the results. The way I figured it, is that... READ MORE

Questions from Tracyanimallover

What is the exact difference between Restylane Silk and Belotero? Why does Botox make my under eye filler swell up for weeks?

I got Belotero in my tear troughs 6 months ago. I loved it but started to get major swelling for weeks that would eventually go down & back up again. I started noticing the... READ MORE

Deep FX laser for old cystic acne scars. Will only having one portion of my face look weird? When can I use acne med again?

I am 37 and have had cystic acne ONLY on my chin and jawline for over 10 years and seem to have it finally controlled under Epiduo. Mr derm wants to do deep FX laser for all of... READ MORE

Are there any long term nerve damage cases that did no resolve?

Surgical choices are not an option for me so Kybella seems like a good choice, however I am reading more about it and it seems like nerve damage can in fact happen (although I... READ MORE

Recent comments from Tracyanimallover

No, my insurance did not cover it since it did not impede my vision and was considered cosmetic. It was under $2,000 and my doctor was nothing short of amazing!!! I am still super happy with the results. Please let me know if I can... READ COMMENT

Loved my tear trough injections until I did Botox and got the horrible swelling you are speaking of. So for me sadly I can't do Botox and Belotero, it is one or the other and the Belotero takes years off of my face so Belotero it is.... READ COMMENT

Wow, you look so good. Did you get the injections in the crows feet area? It almost looks like you got filler your eyes look so good. Very impressive! You look stunning! READ COMMENT

I think you way better before and am so happy for you that you are getting then out. To be honest fake boobs are so unattractive to me and just look SO fake (as they are). Natural (no matter how small) ALWAYS looks better. But none of... READ COMMENT

For me the ptosis was always the biggest issue because that is what was most noticeable. My Marcus Gunn is not that big of a deal to me, yes it bounces around when I chew but I generally don't eat around those that don't love me so I am... READ COMMENT