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4 Weeks Post Op and Asymmetries Appearing, Is This Normal?

4 weeks post op I'm noticing that my bridge and the area nearest my eyes is now asymmetric. I don't know whether this is swelling? It feels hard. Along the right side... READ MORE

Swollen Lips 5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, Should I be Worried?

My rhinoplasty op involved breaking and removing anterior nasal spine, de-humping and filing down my nose, as well as breaking/re-setting the bone and removing cartilage from... READ MORE

Do I Have a C-shaped Deformity Post Rhinoplasty? (photo)

5 weeks post op I seem to have developed quite a few problems. Hard round lumps either side of my bridge, another hard lump where a dorsal hump was removed. My nose also looks... READ MORE

Is Nostril Swelling 7 Weeks Post-rhinoplasty Temporary?

After significant rhinoplasty, including removal of anterior nasal spine and cartilage, hump removal, filing down the bone and removing cartilage from the tip and either side... READ MORE

Increased Upper Lip-length Post Rhinoplasty, Will this Subside as Swelling Goes Down?

I am 9 weeks post-rhinoplasty. Had lots of work done around anterior spine and cartilage, as well as de-humping and osteomies. Now I feel that my upper lip has lengthened. It... READ MORE

18 months post-op: How might revision rhinoplasty affect the area between my nose and mouth? (photo)

Following closed rhinoplasty to de-project & de-hump my nose, I've been advised to consider revision to correct a deviated septum, as well as a Weir excision of my... READ MORE

Will revision rhinoplasty make my long upper lip worse? (photo)

18-months after a primary to de-project my nose, I have been advised to have a revision to correct callus bumps, nostril asymmetry and a deviated septum. My primary has caused... READ MORE

Will alar wedge excision adversely lengthen my upper lip (area between nose and mouth)?

I am contemplating minor revision rhinoplasty but want to avoid further lengthening of my long upper lip. Will alar wedge excisions affect this area? READ MORE

Query re recovery and swelling post septo-rhinoplasty?

I am thinking about a revision to rasp nasal callus, correct one asymmetric nostril (weir excision) and straighten my slightly deviated septum. How much swelling should I... READ MORE

Heat and pain under rhinoplasty splint. Is this normal?

Hi. I am 3 days post revision rhinoplasty and can feel heat, tightness and pressure under the splint. Does this mean nasal callus is recurring? READ MORE

Nasolabial folds seem to be deepening. (photo)

I am 36 years old and weigh less than 90pounds. I am worried about deepening nasolabial folds but would like to avoid fillers if possible. Is there anything else that I can do... READ MORE

How can I improve visible veins on temples and under eyes?

I am 36 years old and have been using retinoid acne treatments for two years. The skin under my eyes and at my temples is now completely translucent, so that veins are visble.... READ MORE