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Tummy Tuck, lipo on flanks & lower back on 2017

I try it all the " magic" workouts to thigh the pregnancy skin, bootcamp, MMA training, etc and is BS! the extra skin hunguing on belly is not going no where..:(... at a point i got so discourage to see so many instagram 30+ with 2/3 kids and perfect belly... so after a big research, I find out many of those women have a mini or full tummy tuck and nothing is wrong with that!!! so I research... READ MORE

The Good, Bad and Truth of Lip Lift..Pasadena, CA

I had my surgery on 1/07/2016 is being 3weeks, I decided to wait for my review until I was at least 2 weeks I will explain why later,, the good/ bad and truth of lip lift,, GOOD: surgery less that 1.5 hours, no pain, smooth like getting the nails done lol... The BAD: 2-5th day is so swollen I look like a horse on steroids!! My nose got upturned my nostrils were huge! I was a disaster,, the... READ MORE

My Hairline Lowering forehead reduction Dr, Gal Aharanov Beverly Hills CA

I finally saved $ enough to have my forehead lower, by 3/4cm I hope....I had a consultation over the phone/ face chat with Dr. Kabaker from Oakland, and second consultation live with Dr. Haronov from beverly hills., both are the best in this field, per pictures and reviews.. I decided to have it with Dr. Haronov he gave me the feeling he is the one that can do magic with my face. tomorrow,... READ MORE

Questions from theHonme

Restyline/implant/juvederm After Lip Reduction? (photo)

I had my lip reduction 6monts ago, Due to a horrible silikon injection 10 years ago:-(.(please see picures B&A). My doctor was very agressive left my lips really thin. what... READ MORE

My nose is botched please help, what happen? (photos)

I had surgery 9months ago, right after I saw a total collapse in my tip and a bone poking out toward the right on my tip, my nose wider! THIS pictures were 4mo after,,,,dr. did... READ MORE

Is it possible to have an arm lift and lip lift in one surgery? How long is the healing? (Photo)

I need my arm lift and lip lift done ASAP,, one surgery/one anesthesia/one healing brake at work. Is this possible and who does both procedures same time? Please help. I need... READ MORE

Can't get rid of muffin top even though I work out like crazy, should I get Lipo w/ Mini Tummy Tuck or full Tummy Tuck? (photos)

Lipo with minni or lipo with full tummy tuck? i had a full tummy tuck 10y ago after that i had 2kids and this is my end results :(... i workout like crazy but stil can not get... READ MORE

Cost of upper lip reduction/permanent filler removal? (photos)

Hello, I would like to remove this permanent fillers i had years ago.. my area above my upper lip looks very bulky like a monkey :(.. how much would i pay? I had artefill... READ MORE

I had my TT 4 Months ago. I healed super fast. Dog ears? Tummy done wrong? (photo)

Please do not add that "I am still healing" with all your respect... I am not so happy about my results, i had an ok belly, I expected a fabulous belly after $$$ spend. i paid... READ MORE

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I just got my dog ears and lipo also, compare o my TT pain this was nothing! second day i was back to work and cleaning my house.. your scar is so beautiful low on middle but the sides are too hight, would the scar show when you wear... READ COMMENT

Hi, Jreid48. how are you feeling now? did your lipo on flanks and hips are better now? i had my lipo on june 07th 7 weeks now and my hips are stil poking out grrrr... you he amazing pictures! thank you so much for sharing your story!! READ COMMENT

Thank you for all the pictures i am on my 13 day and i feel trapped in my house lol.. reading your review gave me hope and your last pictures are amazing!!!! congrats READ COMMENT

Leticia I am only giving you estimate, of prices i interview5 doctors.. and it was about sale prices.. it all depends on how much Fat we have.. i didn't have much fat it was more skin.. READ COMMENT