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59 Year Old Full Face Dual Erbium Laser in OR.,Eye Lift Surgery,Fat Transfer to Cheeks,Lower Lid Lift

Was a longer recuperation period than I expected, still swollen But outstanding wrinkle correction of upper lip and full face.I was a mess in terms of deep wrinkles all over my face, chin, eyes,upper lip. This result was due to over exposure of sun over many years. I looked like a 70 year old women at 59. I had dark circles under my eye as well. I was taken to the OR and given anesthesia... READ MORE

Active FX,very Basic Rejuvenation for Deep Wrinkles of Face,not Good for Smokers Wrinkles -King Of Prussia, PA

If you are younger than 50 years of age without severe sun damage from sunbathing than Active FX might be good for you. This type of laser is not targeting deeper tissues,so you only will have flaking,sloughing,redness of the outer layer of skin and somewhat softer skin. If you want to really target deeper wrinkles on face, chin, smokers wrinkles, which I have, wasn't a smoker,than consider... READ MORE

Questions from ktorn

Vertical lip lines for a 59 year old, how to get rid of them?

How do do you get rid of vertical lip lines, is laser the best way, Iv'e had 3 FX laser tx and there still on my lip area. If laser is than what laser is best?. READ MORE

The best laser treatment to get rid of above lip vertical lines, chin wrinkles and,crows feet?

Had Rhinoplasty, upper/lower eyelid surgery,Had 3 FX laser TX's whole face. I need advise for my wrinkles on face and above my lip, # FX lasers didn't work.. I have dark... READ MORE

Need further laser on my whole face, what laser other than Active FX can I go for?

Have vertical lip wrinkles, chin, for head, facial, under eye wrinkling, had 2 Active FX, higher setting on lip,for head, chin ,eyes,crows feet. All wrinkles are still present. READ MORE

I had a molar pulled on the upper left. One Dentist says must have implant, another says not true don't need it, who is correct?

I'm 60 had a molar extracted a year ago, upper left, was told by my brother NY dentist must have implant due to shifting teeth,lower tooth will rise to meet space,trow my bite... READ MORE

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I had Fraxel set at a very high setting and it did not help my deep wrinkles I had two sessions. My face was red and I had this for 4 days, but I have to tell you for me it was a big waste of money and time. Dual erbium laser with the... READ COMMENT

Thank-you for your support and awareness of how talented Dr. Wulc is, that's why I'm trying to help other women who might need some help making these important decisions. READ COMMENT

I agree for all his education, skills and talents he is very reasonable. READ COMMENT

Thank-you very much for awareness and understanding of how Dr. Wulc's talents can truly help many women and keep them feeling secure that he will help them and not make mistakes. READ COMMENT

If your in California,just research out the plastic surgeon the way I suggested by goggling the doctor by specialty such as typing in all facial plastic surgeons near your zip code. Make sure they only do faces,not full body. Once... READ COMMENT