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November 9th... it's definitely getting better but this week I finally ditched my garment. Still have some discomfort. I keep thinking the swelling is better then it's back. My PS said I had significant diastasis recti plus I had to... READ COMMENT

My belly button is round but totally flat... kinda weird looking... I am up several pounds and totally depressed with the look of my thighs and rear-end... I haven't worked out simply b/c if I do I swell up like a balloon. I know in... READ COMMENT

My Doctor told me no ab work for 6 months... so I haven't done anything yet. Did you have a full tuck? READ COMMENT

Hello ladies I am new to this board - feeling grateful to have found you. I am 3 months post op...had a double hernia repair and full tummy tuck (my muscles were completely detached with siginificant diastasis recti) I went skiing 2... READ COMMENT