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Mommy Makeover. - Columbia, SC

I had my surgery today and things couldn't have gone smoother. I got a TT a lift and implants. I was scared to death about all the things I've read and seen. I didn't wake up in pain, I didnt feel like I did 1000 crunches, I just felt like I ate way too much turkey dinner. I hope that staying on top of my pain meds that I'll be okay, I'm feeling really good. I feel the worst right when I... READ MORE

Changed my Life - Cincinnati, OH

I have always had uber sensitive underarms. It's definitely controlled me during warm seasons. I can only shave my underarms once a week or else they will break out in pimple like bumps. During the summer I can't just throw on a tank top, or when I go work out, I have to wear a t shirt most of the time. I can wear a tank top maybe 2 times a week and it has to be very calculated, it has... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid Peel

I bought 70% unbuffered glycolic acid off of amazon. You use this AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I was using 10% lotion from a trusted beauty brand on my face at night. I read it encourages collagen production and reduces wrinkles. Well why not stretch marks? Abdominal skin is no where near as sensitive as facial skin. I applied it full strength for 6 minutes. It was pretty hot, I had to keep my blow... READ MORE

Questions from Alex h.

Should I lose the weight or keep it on for my tummy tuck? (photo)

I have recently quit smoking and have put on 5-10 pounds. On my small frame it gives me a nice belly that conceals my stretch marks and sagging skin. Should I keep the weight... READ MORE

How manny CC's would you recommend on an augmentation with lift? (Photo)

5'3 120lbs size 4 age 26. I wear a size 34c bra. I want to be a small natural looking DD. My doc recommended 450cc but those were HUGE. I decided on 375 and am doubting myself.... READ MORE

Can I smoke an electronic cigarette before my sugery? No nicotine.

My surgery is just over 2 weeks away and i'm having trouble quitting smoking but the e cigarettes are helping. The ingredients are glycerin and water. I wouldn't smoke anything... READ MORE

Is my slit belly button going to turn into a normal belly button? (Photo)

This photo is almost 2 weeks post op. I hate the slit belly button look. Is this going to go away on it's own? Is there anything I can do? Would a revision be easy? READ MORE

What happened to my abdomen? 6 weeks post op tummy tuck w/ MR.

I was cleared at 6 weeks to start exercising. I went to the gym 6 days that week. Yesterday I did sprints, whereas before I was just doing walking or light elliptical (no abs).... READ MORE

2 months post op of Tummy Tuck, why does my lower abdomin burns?

My lower abdomin burns, like something has been ripped. I've seen my doctor he assures me it is probably just scar tissue that was ripped while exercising, and to take it easy,... READ MORE

If I start getting Botox at a younger age (27) will I need it less frequently? (photo)

I get botox for migraines and love it. I was wanting to get botox in the 11 lines and crows feet area even though my lines are only noticeable to me. I don't want my muscles... READ MORE

Discussions started by Alex h.

Scared I will feel like Dr. frankensteins creation.....

The hip to hip scar freaks me out. I mean no offense so please don't take it as that, but I'm afraid of looking decapitated and being put back together, MM has a WHOPPING 98%... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck ladies: Will my belly button go to normal?

It looks like a slit as of now. Did your belly button turn into a natural roundish belly button as your healing progressed? I'm only two weeks post op. READ MORE

Recent comments from Alex h.

You look great! Are you sure it was only a mini? Your scar and results appear to be a full. What classifies this as a mini tuck? READ COMMENT


I am 5'3 120 lbs before and after. I wasn't allowed to even go for a light walk until 6 weeks, at which point I was completely cleared. READ COMMENT

You look like I did post op and I look great now so I know you will too! READ COMMENT

By doing sprints just 5 days after I was cleared for activity READ COMMENT