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Can Botox Cause Twitching?

I had cannthopexy done for both eyes 2 years ago... last year in December, I had Botox done for crow's feet, between eyebrows, forehead, and to raise eyebrows... now its been... READ MORE

Injectable Fillers for Hollow Upper Eyelids?

I had Blepharoplasty done 4 years ago (28 years old) but my upper eyelids are so hollow I look like I'm 45! Can juvederm be used to fill out this area? READ MORE

Correcting Lagophthalmos and Lateral Scleral Showing?

I have lagophthalmos, and I no longer want my eyes stuck together, giving me a strange look at 28 years of age. I already had canthopexy done and it left one of my eyes with... READ MORE

Skin Rejuvenation for Someone with Scleral Showing?

I'm a 28-year-old female, and I have problems with my eyes. The whites of my eyes are showing, with hollow skeleton-looking upper eyelid from a bad Blepharoplasty. I wanted to... READ MORE

Will CO2 Laser After Blepharoplasty Affect Eyelids?

Hello, I’m 28 years old, female. I have the whites of my eye showing from blepharoplasty surgery. I have a very slight natural tan. I want to get CO2 Laser for my entire face. ... READ MORE

Facial Rejuvenation Options for Late 20s Woman?

Hey docs, I wanted to know what I should do for a whole facial rejuvenation (including under eyes). i am 28, however i have some lines around my eyes forehead and little loose... READ MORE