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Yoir figure looks really nice!!! Leep globs of neosporin on it so it wont leave a scar. READ COMMENT

You know what? Love it, that excuse is perfect! I'm lucky to be getting it in the summer so I'm just gonna be like I've been doing that BBL workout video lol. Lookin good! Work it! READ COMMENT

Did you have hips before or did Dr. S create all of your hips?! Their great! I'm hipless so I was just wondering if you had hips before. Oh, and how did you describe how you wanted your butt to look because I mean it is PERFECT!!!! I... READ COMMENT

Well that stinks! I'm really sorry you're not happy with your results. I was sorta living thru you so to speak since were built pretty much the same. Will he fix it for free or are you just going to go with someone else? I saw Salama.... READ COMMENT

Wow!!!! You're butt is what that is! So happy for you! READ COMMENT