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25 Yo, After Liposuction 3 Years Ago and Losing 20lbs, I'm Ready to Get Rid of the Leftover Bulges in my Abdomen - Honolulu, HI

I underwent traditional liposuction to my flanks and outer thighs 3 years ago. At the time, I had asked about my lower abdominal area because it has always bulged out more than the rest of my body no matter what my bodyweight or fitness level at the time. I was told by my surgeon that it may not be a good area for traditional lipo suction due to how little would need to be removed and the risk... READ MORE

Planning on a revision

So I'm 3 days post-op for my BA and some flank/thigh liposuction. I feel GREAT! AGE: 22 BEFORE SIZE: 34B (small/saggy) IMPLANT SIZE: 375cc & 400cc POSITION: Sub-muscular, Peri-aereola incision. Please disregard any of my uncertainties about Dr. Pousti previously. HE IS AMAZING. I had immense pre-op jitters that effected my review, but the day of surgery was perfect, and he... READ MORE

Just had Lipo of the Outer Thighs & Flanks!

I'm 22 years old, 5'5, and have been stuck at a solid 140lbs for the past year and a half. I will be having my flanks and outer thighs ($3000) done as well as getting saline implants ($5000) (natural, perky, athletic... nothing huge). After reading a million reviews on this site, I am also going to ask about getting lipo on my lower abs. I don't want to go through all of this... READ MORE

Questions from iLoveMyDeepSeaDiver

Getting Liposuction on Thighs and Flanks, Will I Regret Not Getting it on my Lower Abdomen?

I am currently scheduled to receive liposuction in my outer thighs an flanks at the same time as a BA, next month. My question is, since I seem to put on weight mostly in my... READ MORE

Is Needing Touch-up of Liposuction a Likely Thing?

I am scheduled for flank & thigh lipo in a few weeks. I was reading another Q&A on here and an answer from a doctor read, "it's not very often a patient needs... READ MORE

Was Dead Set on Silicone Implants, Now my Head is Spinning! What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I had originally requested saline implants (reason: smaller scar). After much research & discussion with my husband & Dr at the 2nd appt I switched to silicone (reason:... READ MORE

How Soon Will is Be Plausible That I Will Up and About After Combo Lipo & BA (Squatting, Sitting at Weird Angles Etc)

I'm a "lifestyle" portrait photographer, meaning I'm always moving (quick walking, lots of squatting, climbing around on slippery rocks, walking an hour+ etc... READ MORE

Can I Get Smaller Implants Less Than 2 Weeks Post-Op? (photo)

I understand that implants swell and take time to drop & fluff, but I want them smaller NOW. I realized that all of my "want/like" example photos had under 350cc... READ MORE

Will the Projections and Width of my Implants Get Smaller As They Drop and Fluff? (photo)

Struggling w/ big implants (400cc & 375cc/silicone unders/mod+/13 days po), but not b/c they're "high & tight. Shape: perfect. My issues: too heavy on bottom,... READ MORE

Can I Get Sclerotherapy on Breast After Augmentation?

I recently underwent breast augmentation surgery. It has left me with large, blue/green, hulk-like veins running through my breasts. They're so unattractive! Is it possible... READ MORE

When can I fix double bubble/bottoming out and Muscle Distortion after 2 years? (Photo)

Breast implants in early 2012. (Sub-musc, aereola incision, silicone) Since month 3 I noticed huge muscle distortion when flexing my chest muscles (see image) and recently I've... READ MORE

Endermologie for lumps after traditional lipo 3 years ago, will is help or is it too late? (photos)

I had lipo over 3 years ago now in my flanks and thighs. It left me with worsened cellulite, which I was warned about beforehand, and a few uneven lumps that never went away.... READ MORE

Should I gain weight before Coolsculpting? (photo)

I have been considering Coolsculpting due to a lower abdominal pouch that will not budge. I recently began a strict fitness & food plan I have & it has slimmed out my stomach... READ MORE

Best injectable for a non-surgical chin augmentation? (photos)

I am gearing up for some consultations involving injectables in to my chin area to fix a weak profile. I was curious what the best options are. I've been reading that Radiesse... READ MORE

Can v-line masseter Botox injections help slim the jaw in the case of an overjet bite? (photos)

I've researched the surgery for overjet bite to correct my profile and it terrifies me, but my jaw line and chin make me look very masculine. My jaw muscles are very tight and... READ MORE

Should anti-inflammatory supplements and teas be stopped before Coolsculpting?

I have an autoimmune disorder and as part of my natural treatment, I supplement my highly anti -inflammatory diet with supplements and detox baths that promote circulation and... READ MORE

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Thanks so much!! How was the coolsculpting? I just bought 3 sessions of it to use in the future, two for my lower abs and one of which is for my outer thigh. I've heard the pain can be off the charts though, worse than even lipo post-op... READ COMMENT

I'm following your thread as I am considering getting this done on my stomach and inner thighs as well. I have had traditional lipo in the past (on my flanks and outer thighs) which also requires a bit of detoxing to help improve... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the reply! I'm looking into smart lipo on my abdomen. I've previously had traditional lipo on my thighs and flanks on the mainland and that doctor wasn't sure my stomach would do well with lipo due to the possibility of lumps... READ COMMENT

Is this Dr. David Yew of Face It in Aiea on Oahu? I am looking into some injectables by him and would love to know if this review was about him! READ COMMENT