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Weight Gain for Fat Transfer For Breast Enhancement. How Do I Lose the Weight I Gain in My Face?

Hi I have a kind of a (complicated) question about fat transfer breast enhancement. I am gaining weight for the procedure (going from 106 to 115 hopefully) so there is more fat... READ MORE

Gaining/loseing Weight After Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement?

I am getting fat transfer breast implants using body jet along w Brava.I'm getting the weight transferred from my stomach to my breasts.My ? is:does the fat transferred to... READ MORE

Restylane for my Face? Age 26

I was wondering what thoughts were about restylane for smile lines. I don't feel like I look "old" However, as I've gotten "older" I've noticed my smile lines are deeper now... READ MORE

Subtle, small chin implant? Scar? Recovery time?

Hi! I am thinking about getting a small chin implant for my otherwise perfect face (kidding!) but I want to know--will my boyfriend notice? (esp if we live together?) And how... READ MORE

When will bad botox that makes my forehead look frozen/like an alien start to fade so I can start looking back to normal :( ?

Hi I got botox in my forehead and it has given me an alien/frozen/blank look :-( :-( (not what I wanted AT ALL, I even told them I would rather have too little than too much,... READ MORE

Fractional scar removal for 3 year post breast augmentation?

Hi, I was looking into laser removal for my breast augmentation scars, like possibly fractional scar removal. I'm 3-year post breast augmentation Op. I am looking for the best,... READ MORE

How long till I look "normal" after under-eye filler? :( 31 yrs old

Hi I got under eye filler yesterday and woke up with more swelling under my eyes than yesterday--not a good look!! How long until I'll look "Normal"/not weird and puffy and can... READ MORE

Steroid injections after scar revision/lasers didn't work how long until I see improvement?

I had 2 red scars from a boob job that I got 3 years ago. I ended up getting scar revision which at first made it worst, then I did a series of lasers 10 days apart and the... READ MORE

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Hii! Let me know how it goes I'm looking into this Dr. for implants (small ones:) READ COMMENT

Hi there thanks for the review! I was wondering.What type of lipo did you have done and did you have bruising and if so how long did the bruising last? READ COMMENT

Wow thank you so much for your detailed reply that was very helpful....Can I ask you what type of lipo did she use? And also, did you start using the brava again right after surgery? Thanks Again! READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for your review :) Can you tell me what type of lipo you got? And also..How much did it hurt and for how long were you in pain for? And lastly, what did the bruises look like right after your procedure? (I am... READ COMMENT

Hi there thank you so much for your review :)! I was wondering what kind of lipo you got and if there was bruising and pain at all? And how long you will be wearing your compression garment? Please let me know thanks :)! READ COMMENT