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So far, so good - Update - Varna, Bulgaria

So far, so good. Melasma worsened a little since I have high prominent cheeckbones. Allergic to all facial antiwrinkle stuff with AHA, retinols, etc. Even the sunprotection is itching my eyes, I am overdoing it perhaps. If consider again ( quite possible since I ma happy with the results) I will either go to a CA laser specialist or a good professionalist ( I have in mind few)since I read... READ MORE


Here is the results of my huge mole removal - placed some space behind the year yet a visible spot. Thank you to the mcommunity members answering my question about the procedure. I actually decide to to do it again at the same place, with the same laser doctor (Dr. Julian Penev in Varna, Bulgaria.) I will be able and willing perhaps to go back there possibly for a procedures, if time off,... READ MORE


In addition to my note and questions, I post here few photos from my file (immediately post procedure designed to improve my skin tone, texture, melasma spots and few old acne scars). It is as I said (the doctor has informed me ) that it is a superficial procedure, depends on the laser parameters applied individually), as a summary it less agressive than than the deep CO2 laser resurf ablation... READ MORE

Resurfacing - immediate tightening - Bulgaria

Here are some photos before, straight after the procedure and post treatment, (one week to 10 months after) the initial photos indicate plasma nd blood excudation as well as the immediate tightening I have had noticed. I have also done it on teh neck line area. First 3 days were dramatic after that the redness and crusts gone within a week, slight resual left. READ MORE

Resurfacing - I like going under the sun - New Jersey

Here are some random photo work from my file since I got asked a lot about submitting pictures from other community members. I have plenty, yet I have selected photos of my forehead, sides, behind the ear and neighbouring areas and neckline including. I have tried to post some of the right-away post procedure, as well as few days after so a week, a month too and after few months and so. i... READ MORE

Resurfacing - I have had great results - Bulgaria

I have recently had a deep facial resurfacing, one session administered only, and I have had great results., i.e. not like they tell you you might need three to four sessions in order to achieve the results desired. It is because you have to over pay and pay over and over again with minimum results and for their safety and benefit...I had my face really fried and peeled off last month with the... READ MORE

Recent comments from millyb.

Actually, there are TWO, not just one Fraxel's in Sofia. I always check before deciding where to go, that is why I decided going to that laser specialist in Varna!!! READ COMMENT

PERHAPS you should read the community manager review and try to comprehend it; quotation: "Your account has not been compromised; this was an error or our side that affected only your review and it has now been addressed." If you are... READ COMMENT

Your note is indeed confusing. My doctor is a laser specialist in dermatology named Julian Penev. I visited him several times on multiple conditions. Did you go to the same doctor. If not it is indeed misleading? READ COMMENT

Thank you for the good words! Any questions, pls, write, I can write you in details too. READ COMMENT

Thank you. Wishing you too being happy with all the results you get and procedures you decide going through. It was tough for me in the first time, too, I had so much concerns firstly. Best, READ COMMENT