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My Breast Augmentation Journey - Columbia, MO

I was very young when I first started having self-esteem issues related to my breast shape and size. As I've gotten older the problem secretly ate away at me. No amount of beauty products, clothing, etc. could help. For years I feared the cost the most. I finally decided to at least find out... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore - Columbia, MO

I'm 49 and with my BIG "50" looming 5 months away I'm starting to notice more and more fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. At my most recent followup appointment related to my augmentation done in 2012, I talk with the surgeon about options/suggestions of what to do? I thought fillers would... READ MORE

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Upcoming Breast augmentation March 6th...

I am scheduled to have a breast augmentation next month and I feel alone. My husband is supportive but he's a man to him things are fine as is. I don't want to tell... READ MORE

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Thanks for your review and good wishes. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. That someone received such good results from their first one that the second one is icing on the cake. :) Keep me posted on how your second one goes. Thanks READ COMMENT

Thanks, I love Real Self. It's been very supportive for me. I come from a town that swears they're progressive thinkers but some things will always Taboo. Like cosmetic surgery, treatments, etc. People are so quick to judge even when... READ COMMENT

He will love you period. With or without boobs. Boobs are an assessory not you. You are what he fell in love with and kept him there. He's likely nervious, but it is safe as long as you use a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and not try... READ COMMENT

That what I did, I just went for it. My husband was not that supportive before but now he is fine and we are great. Again, I think men are a little freaked out about how great you wll look and is it all theirs. Of course, they will rely... READ COMMENT

I will submit some new ones. I've been adjusting. It's funny, I know people at my job noticed but some of the people I haven't seen for awhile don't say anything. I do feel much more balanced. :) How are your doing? READ COMMENT