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O.K, I see what you mean now in that last photo you posted, it does look longer and flatter withour the compression garment, but it may also be the angle of the photo? Hang in there though, Salamas work is usually good in the end. Good... READ COMMENT

Hey, sorry to hear your not happy with your results... I hope you don't midn me asking but, what do you mean by saying he made your ass wide and flat? From the photos, it looks very round from the back and sticks out when you turn to... READ COMMENT

You look lovely, well done xxx READ COMMENT

Hello BeBeautiful! Nice to hear from someone so young getting it done. I'm 23 and been wanting to do this for ages now too....I hope this turns out well for you xxxxxxx READ COMMENT

Why the capital letters?! I thought you were ranting LOOL... READ COMMENT