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Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck

I used Dr Lu in Vernon Hills. Loved him and super happy. I just can't wait to start working out again...I was a DD and now I'm a C. Super happy. Tummy tuck was great. Still a little numb but looks great! I trust him completely. Still to soon to do abs work but I'm stArting to work out again. Scar is nice and low... READ MORE

Questions from Bumpy17

Why Do I Still Have Red Dots and Can See Exactly Where Botox Was Injected Near Crows Feet? In This Permanent?

Some of 4 out of the 6 injection sites are still visible after 24 hrs. All the literature states they should resolve in redness after a few hrs. Is this permanent damage? Am I... READ MORE

Milia Zapped From Eyelid 2 Days Ago. It is Still There Although I See a Scab?

Two days ago I had a milia zapped from my eyelid. I don't believe it was a laser. I do see a scab however I still see the milia. Is it possible the dermatologists missed the... READ MORE

Acne Cyst from Botox or Needle Injection?

I developed acne cysts or nodules at the injection site where Botox was injected. I don't know if it was from needle trauma or Botox. I have found many stories on Internet.... READ MORE

Will a brow lift for nasal root work?

Will a brow lift improve this? I also have and old scar on my forehead that looks better when it stretches out. I'm assuming a brow lift will help. Have you ever seen this?... READ MORE

Any doctor's recommendation for upper eye Lift (blepharoplasty) in Chicago area?

I am looking for the Doctor in Chicago area who specializes in this area of the face. I am not looking for someone who can just perform the procedure. I'm looking for someone... READ MORE

If a patient has Hypothyroidism can they have an Upper Eyelift done?

Are there any special concerns? I am aware they should see a plastic surgeon who specializes in these type of patients. READ MORE

Breast reduction. Can I go to any plastic surgeon now and most likely get the same insurance approval?

My doctor's office received an approval for breast reduction surgery for me. I also received a letter from my insurance saying this was a covered benefit. My question is can I... READ MORE

Considering Kybella or chin liposuction for sub-mental fat? I have Hashimotos hypothyroid.

Considering Kybella or chin liposuction for submental fat. I have Hashimotos hypothyroid. Can I receive either of these treatments or do they affect the thyroid? I understand... READ MORE

Back pain after Tummy tuck.

Is it appropriate to ask my doctor for some muscle relaxers my lower back feels a lot of pressure when I try to walk. I had a breast reduction and a Tummy tuck w Mr 3 days ago.... READ MORE

I have a history of TMJ- does that mean I could never get a chin implant if needed?

Hi I was looking to improve my profile with a chin implant.I have not seen any doctors regarding it yet but just wondered if having TMJ meant I could never Have a chin implant. READ MORE

Recent comments from Bumpy17

Was it smart lipo or traditional lipo? READ COMMENT

Adding comment here again. Were these endoscopic brow lifts? READ COMMENT

Was yours endoscopic? The brow lift? READ COMMENT

How do you feel about botox ? Botox helps my scar and bump a little but I was looking for something better. It's right in the middle of my forehead. He thought pulling it taunt would help. We see how botox does that but that is only... READ COMMENT