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Get Many, Many Opinions - Chicago, IL

I did it just to smooth out the small bump on my nose and to refine the tip. I was looking for only finesse rhino to address just a few minor touch ups . I had to wait a year w a crooked nose before doing any additional Sx. I had two other semi-surgical things done and I 'm still not happy with my nose. I still have a crooked bridge. It has been a year since the last intervention so I... READ MORE

Questions from Melinda75

Non Surgical Vs Surgical Rhinoplasty for Small Bump

Hi, I'd like to improve my nose a little bit. I have a small bump that has always bothered me in profile shots as well as quarter turned shots. Also, I have noticed when I... READ MORE

Under Muscle Breast Augmentation for Tight Pectorals?

I'd like to enhance my breasts and am looking at the options.  I am a fitness competitor and trainer and I worry about the effects of under the muscle implant placement. I... READ MORE

Advisable Breast Implants Placement for Weightlifters?

I'm an athlete, one who tends to have shoulder injuries, and worry about under the muscle Breast implants placement. It seems more commom than over the muscle placement. Will... READ MORE

Alternative Option to Permanent Lip Augmentation?

What is the best alternative to permanent (or as at least LONG TERM) Lip Augmentation? $500 for Juvederm every 4 mos, and the pain and bruising is just getting to be too much.... READ MORE

Best Permanent Lip Filler?

I have used Juvederm Ultra for lip enhancement in the past. I'd like something more permanent. What are the best options for PERMANENT Lip augmentation?My doctor does... READ MORE

Can a Revision Rhinoplasty Make my Nose Worse?

I had an open "finesse" rhino/septo at the end of Feb 2010. The bridge of my nose appeared straight, but my PS said I did have a slightly dev sept. However, now my... READ MORE

Best Rhinoplasty Doctor in Baltimore

Hello, I had a finesse rhino 5 mos ago. My nose is pulling slightly to the right and my doc says it did not heal properly. My doctor is in Chicago and is a well known PS in the... READ MORE

Will Sub-glandular Breast Implant Placement Interfere with Proper Mammogram Readings ?

Hello, Thanks to all the doctors who have guided me to making the decision to get breast implants. I opted for subglandular placement as I am a fitness competitor. My OB... READ MORE

Revision Doctor Found Septal Perforation Post Rhino, Is It Ok To Proceed?

I had my initial rhino 2/2010 and am currently in search of a revision due to undesirable/unexpected results. In a recent examination with a new ENT/PS it was brought to my... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for an Alar Batten Graft?

I am consulting with various revisionists. Alar Batten graft was suggested to address NVC. I have always had small nostrils and upon forced inspiration washable to lose my... READ MORE

Sculptura Vs. Juvederm For Facial Fat Loss?

Hello, I'm a thin woman in her 30s. I've noticed facial fat loss over time. It's not terrible but I'm definitely looking more "gaunt" these days. I use Botox for forehead lines... READ MORE

Discussions started by Melinda75

Need the Best Rtevision Rhino Doc in the Philadelphia Area

I am looking for a doctor who specializes in Rhino revision in Philly , PA ? I am overall pleased w/ the tip plasty done. However, from the front view it seems as those the... READ MORE

Revision Rhino

Hello, I had a ("finesse) Septo/Rhino several years ago.  Overall improvement of the slight bump and deprojected tip.  However, from a front view my nose now... READ MORE

Dr. Becker Philadelphia

I'm considering a Rhino revision to make a few tweaks to my nose.  I would really like a PS who is strictly facial, emphasis on rhino. Has anyone had experience with... READ MORE

Searching for Revision Rhino Surgeon in PA

I need advice on choosing the be rhino revision surgeon. My initial surgery in '10 was done by a well known PS, who was an ENT/PS. I have since had 2 more procedures to... READ MORE

I am seeking revision rhino. Has anyone had experience w/ either Dr. Ira Papel or Dr. Thomas Le of Baltimore?

I had my original rhino in 2010 with Dr. Shah in Chicago. I was looking for a few small tweaks to stylize my nose. The left side looks great as well as the tip work. However I... READ MORE

Recent comments from Melinda75

I have since found out that my primary rhino w Shah has also resulted in a septal perforation ( rare - occurs in less than 1%of cases), and nasal valve collapse. So it looks like my revision just got a alot more complicated. :(... READ COMMENT

Americanwiman... It sounds like we have a similar issue. I'm going to send you a PM. READ COMMENT

I was a pt of shah's who sought a finesse rhino. While I like the tip of my nose, the bridge is now crooked; which it was not before. I had a semi in office revision in which he broke the nose and reset it. My bridge still curves to the... READ COMMENT

I'm also considering a 3rd revision (the second one was more of an in-office rebreak which very little). What kind of prices are you getting quoted? READ COMMENT