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I Downsized from 240 to 120cc Silicone Implants. They Were Too Big! - New York, NY

Well I only got home from the PS's a couple hours ago so I haven't seen them yet. I will be able to look tomorrow when i take the bandages off. But i can already tell a difference. The procedure took 2 hours. He exchanged them and made the areola a lot smaller. Look at my profile to see my whole story. so i did surgery yesterday it went very well. I exchanged 240cc for 120cc. I was able to... READ MORE

Breast Aug + Lift - New York, + Picture Diary!

After years of thinking about this. going back and forth about weather or not to do it. finally i decided i needed to do it because it was really affecting my life. i was very self conscience in general, never going without a bra, never changing in front of anyone. in the bed room with my boyfriend, even during sex i would do anything so he couldnt see my boobs. I had a mild case of ptosis,... READ MORE

Questions from Laura R.

Im Getting a Breast Lift with Implant in a Week and I Dont Know What Size Implant to Get. Opinions? (photo)

I am a 34b and I want to be a small C. I am getting silicone moderate profile implants. I am 5'10 and 135 pounds. What size implant should I get? I want the most natural... READ MORE

What is the Healing Process of an Areola Incision? (photo)

I just had breast aug with an areola incision 3 weeks ago. I am putting bacitracin zinc on around 3 times a day. Then next week I am starting silicone strips for 12 hours a day... READ MORE

How Did 240cc Silicone Implants Give Me a Size D Cup? (photo)

I got a breast aug almost 2 months ago, I am 5'10 with a slender body type. I wanted to be a big B cup. I went with 240cc silicon implants thinking they were small and would... READ MORE

Have my Implants Dropped Yet? (photo)

I had a lift + 240cc low profile silicone implant 3.5 months ago. if you look at my picture diary you can see the whole process. i still feel a bit of discomfort sometimes, and... READ MORE

Should I Downsize or Have my Implants Taken out Completely? (photo)

I had a lift w/ implants 10ms ago w/ 240cc. If you look at my full profile you will see Ive been unhappy with the size from the start. Ive given it time and I am ready to... READ MORE

Im Downsizing! What Size Implants Should I Get? (photo)

So, I started off w/ a small B cup. I got 240cc silicone unders and now I am a very unhappy large C/D cup, pls see my profile. my nipples got bigger than they ever were :( I... READ MORE

I Am Downsizing by Half What Can I Expect? How Will They Look/feel? 240cc to 120cc (photo)

I started off with a small b cup. i got 240cc unders. I am now wearing c/d cup bras. too big for me. so i am downsizing to 120cc. here are the details: 240cc low pro = 11.7... READ MORE

Whats the Best Scar Treatment for a Healing Areola Scar? (photo)

I had breast aug with areola insicions on march 8th and i would like the scars to heal as well as possible. what can i use? right now i am using biocorneum with spf30 i think... READ MORE

I think I am going to get my implants explanted, How do you think my results will be? (Photo)

Ive had 2 surgeries, 1st w/ 240cc impants + banelli lift, they ended up being huge. I was miserable not to mention how large my areolas grew after just 6 months. So I downsized... READ MORE

Can I have my implants removed from my armpit if I had them put in with a lift through my areolas? to reduce further scarring...

3 years ago I have a lift and implant through my nipples. 240cc low pro silicone under muscle. 2 years ago I downsized to 120cc under muscle again through the nipple. Finally... READ MORE

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Ugh I've been there sister! I'm so sorry to hear this. Listen you Never know what they're going to look like in a few months so just wait and see. Who knows maybe you like. And if you don't then you can downsizing have another surgery... READ COMMENT

Wow thats good to hear! im having doubts. im really torn right now. im supposed to have surgery this friday and i am just not 100 percent resolved. are you breats saggy? is three anyway you might send me some pics? READ COMMENT

Is that picture after your removal? if so you really did amazing! READ COMMENT

Your post op breats look amazing. do you still love them? glad you did it? READ COMMENT

Did you ask the ps that question ? There is no loose skin around my implant at all. READ COMMENT