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I had my lsl in mid January. so far I am happy with the results. They are not perfect. Some of my "flaws" have returned , but not enough to matter. It actually makes me look more normal, not perfect. The numbness bothers me less. No... READ COMMENT

Guys! Guys! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you are happy with your results, that's wonderful. If you are unhappy you have my compassion. Someone needs to let go of some very tightly held reins. Give the other person the... READ COMMENT

Leighinhouston ......for what length of time were you told not to turn your head quickly?......for 6 months, a year or forever??? READ COMMENT

YOu say you have no tightness or numbness but that your incisions are "alive." Please explain. Also, you are the ONLY person on any of these sites who lost numbness/tightness in 6 months. Ummmmm.......pretty amazing. READ COMMENT

Dear Bobbi, Also.....are still experiencing the numbness and tightness?? If not,when did these sensations go away? READ COMMENT