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Really classyblonde? How many times have I seen on this site people are telling you they are happy for you that your surgery turned out okay, myself being one of them. I am convienced now more than ever that you are an EMPLOYEE of LSL... READ COMMENT

I'm with you. I was told my jawls would be lifted and my neck would no longer have the lines going down toward my chest. They also pulled my face back with their hands and said that would be how I would look, WOW, I looked good. My... READ COMMENT

I called them and asked them about the suit. They sent several papers for me to fill out. Have you tried calling them? I will touch base with them this week since I haven't heard anything since I sent the papers in, I would like to... READ COMMENT

Please let us know when this will air. If you could please tape it and put out on the internet and let us know as well. If he or she needs takers in Florida I am there. Thanks for letting us know. READ COMMENT

I'm with you ELK GROVE 5449. I would love to have my face even look like it did before I had the surgery. If I could get enough money to repair the damage done by LSL I would not be happy, but I would happier than I am with the... READ COMMENT