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Solution for Ptotic Lower Lip/Chin & Marionette Lines?

I had a sliding genioplasty done along with jaw advancement surgery about 20 years ago. I have droopy lower lip (tooth show) and bad marionette lines. Of course, with age,... READ MORE

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I do want to add that it is still early in your recovery. I did have some facial surgery done when I was young, an operation to bring out my jaw and build up my chin using my own bone. It took me a full year for my face to get back to... READ COMMENT

I'm curious as to why you had it done. You had nice cheekbones before. I think some plastic surgeons are too obsessed with the so-called Ogee curve. Not everyone needs that curve to be beautiful. You looked fine in the before pics. I... READ COMMENT

I just wish there were a way to "correct" it without using implants. People should be aware there are degrees of the deformity ranging from downward-pointing "Snoopy" breasts that have some fullness around the top, to "banana breasts"... READ COMMENT