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The Phoenix flew February 2012..Surgery in Tijuana, MX

February 14, 2012 Been having mixed emotions about this very big journey I am about to embark on. On our way home today, talking to my boyfriend I felt anxiety coming on. I have never had any surgeries, other than having 4 live births. Even started thinking about that made my stomach turn a little. As I type, my stomach is a little uneasy. Yes, this will be a long flight. I went to my new Dr.... READ MORE

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Haha...stupid phone..Tuckers READ COMMENT

Sweetness7982 if I got to an 8, the scale wouldn't matter. I'm pushing hard for thick n fit. Started Tabata boot camp..hella tough, but just what I needed..and get this, the instructor has 6 kids, and all out of her body. She is of... READ COMMENT

Haha...still working hard at it, and never satisfied. ..the joys of be a woman. READ COMMENT

I am still numb in tummy area across incision...boobs still hurt at times and nipple sensation is not as before. .. I've gained weight in thighs and booty and in places I didn't have before. . Think that's fat redistribution from lipo:( READ COMMENT

Wow.. and you have lots of tats. I still am numb a year later...I heard it hurts more due to scar tissue, guess its true. Well girl..you look really good READ COMMENT