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I Have Always Used but Botox but Tried Xeomin Recently and Haven't Had Great Results. Am I Resistant?

I have always love botox but my doctor stopped offering it and said xeomin would work better. I've waited three weeks with still no results, just some twitching near my... READ MORE

Can Dermal Fillers Cause Lupus? I've Had Bad Reactions Since Day 1.

I had a HA filler injected into my lips by the plastic surgeon's nurse, within an hour my nose and lower portion of face turned blue. I had a hepetic breakout on my nose,... READ MORE

How Long After Botox is Necessary Before Facial Massage?

I have heard on here several different answers, so how long must I wait prior to receiving a facial massage( temples especially) after receiving botox? I have heard two days... READ MORE

Botox for TMJ Last Tuesday and This Tuesday Cosmetically, Could This Close Together Cause Resistance?

I had botox at the dentist for TMJ last Tuesday and then without even considering that it was so soon, had my dermatologist inject botox a few days ago. Is doing this so close... READ MORE

How Safe is It to Have Dermal Fillers Injected into Temples?

This area seems so dangerous to inject, or is it the under eye area that blindness can occur? My derm suggested that I think about having this area injected. Also will it take... READ MORE

I Had Botox Inject to the Sides of my Nose and Bridge from a Derm and It Has Left Dents in my Nose? Will These Go Away?

I had a revision rhinoplasty about a year ago with extensive grafting, etc, My derm told me that injecting botox across the bridge or down the sides of my nose would not harm... READ MORE

If I Get Botox for Three Issues; ie Tmj, Is There a Proper Way to Space These Treatments to Avoid Developing a Resistance?

I receive botox for wrinkles, TMJ, and excessive underarm sweating every three months. However, due to the cost and the fact that these are all from 3 separate doctors( which... READ MORE

I did Laser Hair Removal six months post Labiaplasty and now it looks like the inner labia is sagging.

Six months ago I did a labia plasty and now after having the lasered area( yes skin in that area is much more pigmented than the labia majora its sagging and hanging down. My... READ MORE

Will doing LED light treatments affect my dermal fillers?

I have heard that when heat touches dermal filler it is broken down and absorbed very quickly will doing some LED treatments on my skin cause this to happen? Thanks READ MORE

How long does it take for botox to attach to the nerve?

If I massage the area the next day? Would I have caused the botox to migrate or not work? In the area I was treated for the 11 lines, I had 25 units and it did not get rid of... READ MORE

If I take a strong herbal formula of pau de arco and oil of oregano 48 hours after Botox for benefits, would it affect my botox?

I took a pau de arco and oil of oregano herbal tincture two days after botox to treat a skin infection naturally, I noticed my botox never took effect and I had lots of facial... READ MORE

Can steam rooms damage breast implants? Does the heat compromise the shell and would cause to rupture sooner?

I have saline implants wand was curious if the heat will cause the shell the break down sooner than if I did not go in the steam room. I don't want to damage them and cause... READ MORE

How to determine implant size for revision/ saline to silicone swap.

I currently have have 550 cc saline implants slightly overfilled to 565 cc, I need to switch to silicone gel for the rippling etc, how do I determine what high profile implant... READ MORE

Burned nose reaching into oven and now rib graft is warping. Any suggestions?

I burned my nose reaching into oven, slight blistering on side and tip and the graft kind of indents now. My dr said it will go back to normal as it heals. What are the chances... READ MORE

Will a steroid cream for burn on rhinoplasty rib graft cartilage ruin rhinoplasty results?

I have had multiple rhinoplasty/reconstruction after a bad car accident. I have rib and ear cartilage, I recently got a bad burn and the dermatologist said I must use a steroid... READ MORE

I had filler injected into chin in October, still swelling and doctor said it's because it was injected into the muscle.

I have had fillers for years and had it injected into chin, it was more painful than normal and a new place, the injector promised me it was simply because she had to go... READ MORE

Can the clear and brillant laser damage vision? The goggles slipped and my eyes were open during the treating of the temples.

I was doing clear and brillant laser and guess wasn't thinking the goggles would slip off so I wasn't concentrating on keeping eyes closed. When she told me to turn so she... READ MORE

Discussions started by liliruss

Has anyone had an artery hit during a dermal filler injection or been diagnosed with lupus after injection?

I was curious if anyone had been diagnosed with lupus after having an injection go wrong?! I had my lips injected and they hit an artery, fortunately it did not cause necrosis... READ MORE

Does anyone get botox for issues other than cosmetic concerns in addition to treat wrinkles?

I get botox for TMJ and Migraines in addition to getting botox to treat wrinkles, rotating these treatments it works out that I'm treated for botox for one or the other atleast... READ MORE