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fat transfer experience - Miami, Florida

Afer my experience with other fillers including other permanent fillers I decided to try Fat transfer am still in the process of seing final results in the next few months. So far i can say that is no easy in the sense that the procedure itself and the post effects can be traumatic comparing to other fillers however that is not always the same for each patient in my case I had a lot of... READ MORE

Artefill Experience - South Florida

Basicly after trying other filler for several years I decided to try some permanent ways to inmprove my face volume. The first day i tryed i had a big swelling but was almost gone next day and completely gone after few days. The results were not bad however after all swelling was completely gone I found that the volume on the area treated lowered therefore I had to continue applying on the... READ MORE

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Thank you for your words. What I was trying to say is actually that they usually extract a lot from the donor area but they can not use it all because not all is fat they have to process it then they inject what they consider is more... READ COMMENT

Yes The Belly was The Donor Area. What happen is that when they extract the fat the fat does not come alone it usually comes with water and other componemts. For you to have an idea what they finally transplant to you is not even 5% of... READ COMMENT

You are welcome, restalyn is what most of the doctors recomend for delicate areas as the ones around the eyes but lower areas usually either Perlaine or Radiesse wich last more. Good thing about Radiesse is that the doctor can use just... READ COMMENT

Thank you Megan for reading my comments, In fat transfer the most important factor is that the fat cells remain alive because they die very soon after they are out from our bodys (usually an hour or less)doctor has to act quick which... READ COMMENT

Something similar happen to me according to the doctor and actually make sense what happen is that since one of the cheen has more volume now the other one that didn't take the fat looks to be a bigger depression than before. In my case... READ COMMENT