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What is the Difference Between a Porcelain Veneer and a 3/4 All Porcelain Crown?

Due to an accident, I broke the bottom part of my front two teeth, so I have veneers on 8 & 9. These veneers are in the process of being redone. My dentist said there is... READ MORE

Can Emax Veneers Be Returned to the Lab to Have Product Added to Them Without Losing Quality?

I have veneers on 8 and 9 (due to childhood accident). I needed them redone because I have very tiny black triangles on the distals due to papilla trauma.Teeth were slice... READ MORE

Slice Prep Teeth to Close Triangles on Veneers then Transition to Crowns?

Recently, I had my veneers redone with a fresh set on 8 and 9 to close two very tiny triangles on the distals. The dentist did slice prep on the distals of the teeth to close... READ MORE

Seat Veneers Below Gumline or Just Above It?

I had veneers on front teeth permanently cemented. When I got home, I noticed the top of the veneers were not completely hidden below the gumline. A very tiny amount of natural... READ MORE

Dental Exam Charge Along with Restoration Done the Same Day?

With previous dentists, I have not been charged an exam fee if it resulted in work (cosmetic or restorative) until now. My dentist did an exam on one tooth that I suspected... READ MORE

Filling Redone or Onlay? (photo)

I had my dentist check a stain by an old filling. I wanted to make sure it was not decay. He said, no decay but it looked like the old filling might be failing. Due to the size... READ MORE