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Happy So Far

I have done two of three sculptra treatments for temple area- the next one will be in Febuaury 2013. I had some experience with temporary filler in the area but that was the problem its temporary. I certainly notice the difference after 2nd treatment and looking forward to the third. I did bruise but that was expected i finished my third treatment three months ago and yes for the area i ... READ MORE

Re Filled and Happy - Mission, BC

So happy I opted for a new doctor- i have been using another but noticed the filler he injected me with ( did not see him take syringe out of box and in fact the needles were all pre made up by him prior to appointment)lasting only a week or two? I am not new to the game so this was not at all what I had paid for and I really am more concerned with the result. I care about my appearance. I... READ MORE

Ipl Every Three Weeks to Brighten my Skin - Mission, BC

I have had 4 ipl laser treatments - each is about an hour long full face and neck chest area . Each treatment has cost me approx 60 dollars .The treatment has made my skin dewy and glowing. I have not done any fillers prior to treatment as I read that it may interfere with them. I will do two or three more ipls and then do fillers and botox. Overall I am satisfied- I find myself just using a... READ MORE

Low Grade Chemical Peel to Add to Skin Regime - Vancouver, BC

I use this procedure every two months or so to add to my skin regime. It makes a difference with fine lines and just brightening and rejuvenateing your skin. Tingles slightly but I have a high pain tolerance and it takes no time at all. I use this procedure as well as laser IPL on a rotation basis along with lots of sunscreen daily no matter what the weather to ensure my skin is healthy and... READ MORE

Used Years Ago - Vancouver, BC

I have used all the fillers that were on the market over the years I think this was one of the first so it has been years since I tried it. It was fine but there are better products with better results on the market now. READ MORE

Juvederm Tried It but Have Moved on - Vancouver, BC

I had various fillers over the years initially my lip area then my nasal area then the cheeks and now all of the above plus whatever else needs to be touched up . It is not the product of choice for me currently as I feel there are better options on the market. Currently I use Radiesse and am happy with the result I schedule an apointment for fillers once or twice a year just to keep up my... READ MORE

Botox As a Maintenance for Wrinkles - Vancouver, BC

I started getting botox treatments when I was forty and have continued with the program every three months Very happy with the results - I am now fifty and most people are shocked as they think I look about 32. READ MORE

Used Retin A - Vancouver, BC

I was using a higher priced French label which had retin A in it and was okay with the result compared to any other store bought product but then realized the cost difference between prescription retin A and my tried and true product . I switched to the medical grade and found the results much better and have used the product for about eight years as a night creme READ MORE

Questions from lightbulb

Laser Skin Tightening. Should I Stop Tanning and Using Retin-A?

I will be having this procedure done on a monthly basis to encourage collegan and a healthier looking skin. I have used fillers and botox for over ten years and feel the need... READ MORE

What does Fraxel Laser Do?

Is Fraxel the laser that makes age spots blacken and disappear? I have done a series of IPL last winter worked great for neck area not so much for face so I dont want to invest... READ MORE

IPL or peel first?

Recently pre purchased ipl and peel - in what order should I do them and what time frame for best results READ MORE

Fraxel and being a Immune Compromised - deficient patient

I am no novice to skin health care - over 15 years of treatments and fillers but recently diagnosed as a PID patient - so need advice re fraxel and possible risk of infection... READ MORE

Can Botox and fillers be watered down?

Can Botox and fillers be watered down? Some on line reviews of my provider of these are accusing him of doing so. Is this something that can be done? I have opted to find... READ MORE

Discussions started by lightbulb

I am interested in getting skin tightening on my face and neck

I am a 50 year old woman who has generally good skin tone and texture.I have been using retin A and botox and fillers on a regular basis for about ten years as a part of a... READ MORE

Recent comments from lightbulb

One vial each side the first treatment not a noticeable difference but after the second a obvious improvement to the hollow area READ COMMENT

No pics sorry i opted for sculptra as I remembered it is used for hiv patients for facial wasting and my temples were very hollow- fat isnt normally in that area and i dont have alot of fat to transer. The look almost normal now i am... READ COMMENT

I recently spoke with a doc who had procedure done on jowl - he was okay with result but said it will not last as long as stated- 1year but generally lasts 4 to 6 nmonths so he said it wasnt worth it in that regard and would not rec... READ COMMENT

Read your journey . I have always been small chested and am comfortable with it I do pad up for clothes to be fuller in my chest but have no problem being naked with my chest. sounds like you are missing the fullness the bigger chest... READ COMMENT

They look very natural - perhaps just because or perhaps you had a well shaped breast already- just needed a enhance- looks great READ COMMENT