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I spent my 6 week post TT anniversary at an all inclusive resort in Mexico. I gained 6 lbs in one week drinking Pina Coladas! I also hit the buffet 3 times for breakfast alone!! READ COMMENT

I'm 3 weeks and 2 days post-op and have the same little overlap when I sit. I'm not too bothered by it (sure its just swelling) because it only overlaps a finger width rather that the hand and a half it covered before my surgery lol! READ COMMENT

My husband and I did it "woman on top" on day 20. BIG mistake. I thought it would be ok because I was feeling great but the next day I was extra swollen and really sore in my lower abdomen to the point that I thought I had torn... READ COMMENT

I started standing up straight at about the 2 week mark thank God! My back hurt more than my stomach at that point. I'm on day 23 now and the only time I find myself hunched is when I get up after sitting for an extended period of time.... READ COMMENT

My top three: 1) Pain killers 2) Stool softener 3) Bio Oil Actually, maybe stool softener should be #1. I needed pain killers more trying to have my 1st BM than for the surgery pain itself!! READ COMMENT