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You must be into your 4th week. I reach 21 days on Thursday. Do you feel any improvement? My eye is 1/4 open now for about 4 hours after I wake up and then it closes from exhaustion. I've gone back to my regular life but now in... READ COMMENT

I can relate. I work in a large office and am a hair consultant on the side. People stare, but I agree, the closed eye isnt bothering me as much anymore as the headaches and strain on my good eye. Try cutting someones hair with one eye :( READ COMMENT

Well mrsrevmorgen, looks like we are in this together. This closed eye is a very sad and difficult botch up of botox. Im a week behind you - 2 weeks closed and still no improvement. I wonder how long it will take? The worst oart is... READ COMMENT

How long did they say it will take? My eye has been closed sut for 2 weeks now. Ive been told to stick it out for 6 weeks. I cant bear it any longer READ COMMENT

Had botox a week ago exactly. 4 days after theinjections my left eye compeletely closed. I am told by my doctor it will be okay in 4 days. Why do I think she is lying? I cant belive I paid to look like this. READ COMMENT