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2 days post op

So I when I went for my consultation the doctor told me I didn't have enough fat and wants me to gain 20lbs I weight 120 I've been eating a lot and I'm now at 127 I'm wondering since I'm gaining this weight so fast if when they do the Brazilian butt is it going to go away fast because it's fat that I gained from one day to another? I'm scared to get this done and... READ MORE

Questions from Daisie 21

Seriously Considering the Brazilian Butt Augmentation, What is the Price Range for this Procedure?

I'm 21 years old. I weight 124lbs and I'm seriously considering getting the Brazilian butt augmentation. I'm a 34D and my waist measures about 33 and my hips 36 I... READ MORE

I've Gained Weight For a Brazilian Butt Augmentation, Will It Come Off Fast Post-Op?

I went to a consultation last month in Beverly hills, the doctor said he wouldn't perform the brazilian augmentation for me due to the lack of fat. When I went in I was at... READ MORE

Will my Period Interfere with my Brazilian Butt Augmentation Surgery?

I have my pre op on the 7th and my surgery date is Monday the 14th and I just realized that my period will come on the 12th. I already got those days off of work will I have to... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift 2 Weeks Ago, No Results Why?

Ok so I got my Brazilian butt lift on may 14 and well when I came out of surgery my butt looked huge a bit bumpy because of the fat injections but it also looked a bit flat... READ MORE

6 Months Post BBL and Results Aren't As Big As I Want?

I got a bbl 6 months ago. I was injected 570cc in each cheek. Before going into surgery I gained almost 15lbs to have enough fat. When I got the procedure done my butt looked... READ MORE

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Hi star2012 I thought I was the only one who was unhappy with her bbl. I went in on may 14th I was never that big so I only got 590cc in each cheek at the beginning my butt looked very square and I thought it looked huge. I hated it but... READ COMMENT

Hi I'm 4 days post op and my butt looks a little funny as well is it shelf like? READ COMMENT

Let me start off my saying you look A-mazing!!!!! I'm 2 days post op and my butt looks square shape like a shelf like u said I'm really hoping it turns out to be like yours!!!! Did u have to massage it or something? Nobody has told me... READ COMMENT

You look great!!!! I'm 2days post op and my butt is really hard after how many days does the stiffness go down? And for some reason I don't have any drains would u know if that's normal? Please any little advice will help READ COMMENT

Omg you look amazing! I'm barely 2 days post op and well my butt just feels really hard am I supposed to massage it? Please any little bit of info will help READ COMMENT