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Been 3 years now since my sculptra mistake. Must go for second biopsy and sculptra crystal removal from under left eye soon (had surgery on right eye 1.5 yrs ago), since my left eye is starting to swell more and more, after a dormant... READ COMMENT

Well, looks like I will have to have a second surgery this Fall to remove the sculpshit from under my left eye. After having only one vial injected in jaw and cheeks 2 years ago, I had chronic inflammation and granulomas for almost a... READ COMMENT

2 years, one biopsy and surgery and monthly shots of kenalog now for chronic inflammation under eyes where scuptshit migrated from my cheeks. My surgeon (not injector) verified that this nasty product was source of problem...Only... READ COMMENT

I had one vial of sculptra injected a couple of years ago in cheeks and jaw. Not only did I get granulomas in jaw after 3 months (treated semi-successfully with steroid, but somehow, within 6 months the Sculptra in cheeks did MIGRATE... READ COMMENT

I did report it to FDA and to Sanofi. Both were very nice about it. READ COMMENT