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I did get my face back. I think anywhere in the 4-5 month range though it started looking better after 3 months. My face didn't change so much as it was my expression which changed. It is amazing how changing your appearance by mere... READ COMMENT

Hi seekingsymmetry... just got your post today... are you STILL suffering from an altered appearance? My botox wore off after 5 months... I totally look like myself again with my own smile back. In fact the "problem" I initially wanted... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry for your pain. I hope the botox was at least effective for the pain although it stinks that it resulted in a droopy mouth. My side effects have completely worn off, so I no longer have the bucked tooth muppet mouth I was... READ COMMENT

I was embarrassed as well and avoided certain people for several weeks. My daughter and sister and 2 close friends knew IMMEDIATELY that I had done something to my mouth because my smile was gone, my lips were thinned and I could not... READ COMMENT

I am happy to say my smile has completely returned to normal! It has been about 13-14 weeks since I had those stupid injections. I think it really started getting better around week 10. It is amazing how changing so few muscles can... READ COMMENT