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@Fast911, well I hope you are doing well. I hit 3 weeks on this past Wed and I am feeling great. I still have some concerns but obviously I need to allow more time. I have started hitting the gym harder and working on my abs and... READ COMMENT

90 minutes, wow not bad! I did some weight and cardio today, felt great, but Im also recovering from 3 broken ribs and a broken collar bone (Motocross riding) so my recovery is also plagued from broken bones healing. Its why I did... READ COMMENT

I thought I would update you since you took the time to care! Its now about 10 days and the swelling looks much better! I am also more active. I will hit the gym today but lightly. I am still wearing the wrap, along with a very... READ COMMENT

OK thanks... Yeh we recently changed our diet over the last year or so, I eat around 2400 calories a day, I watch all aspects, sugar, protien, fat etc... Cutting the sugar helped alot! I lost 11 pounds and felt/looked alot better,... READ COMMENT

I have a few more comments: -Again, yes your results are amazing, I can only hope mine will be even close. I do work out hard, 6 days a week but have never had the results like you do. Ill keep trying! -Today marks 1 week since... READ COMMENT