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Lipo Gone Wrong - Toronto, Ont

I am 42 yrs old and have never had kids. I have always hated my shape and finally decided to do something about it. I was tired of my thighs rubbing together, wanted to remove some bulk from by stomach and get rid of the dreaded back fat. I consulted 3 board certified surgeons and was told by all 3 that I was a perfect candidate for liposuction because I had great skin elasticity. After... READ MORE

Coolsculpting of the dreaded Double Chin! (42 yr old)

Over the last couple of years, I have noticed my double chin getting noticeably worse. It is partially hereditary and partially due to weight gain, but 100% horrible! I have gone for consultations for chin lipo, kybella and coolsculpting and have been told that I have great skin elasticity, so I would be a good candidate for any of these procedures. I cannot afford the downtime of the chin... READ MORE

Questions from StefB88

Tumescent Lipo for 43 year old with no kids? (Photo)

Hello, I am 43 years old, non-smoker, no kids, 150 lbs and 5'6'' tall. I hate my rolls and want to look good in my clothes and a bikinii! I am considering tumescent lipo on my... READ MORE

Chin lipo or neck lift? (Photos)

Hi, I am 43 yrs old, non smoker and fairly healthy. I have developed a horrible double chin and cannot stand my profile. I was wondering if chin lipo would resolve the problem,... READ MORE

Tumescent lipo on inner thigh? (Photo)

I am a 43 yr old who will be having tumescent lipo on my tummy, flanks and bra roll. I would love to do the lumps on my inner thigh but have read many reviews saying that this... READ MORE

Feeling very discouraged with results after tumescent lipo! Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello all, I had tumescent lipo of the upper & lower abdomen, flanks, bra roll & inner thigh 17 days ago. I am wondering whether there is a problem. My thighs still rub... READ MORE

Can coolsculpting help me? (Photos)

I am a 43 yr old and had tumescent lipo done on my stomach 6 months ago. Unfortunately, I am now left with a lumpy stomach that I am too embarrassed to show in public. I have a... READ MORE

Kybella or coolsculpting for my ugly double chin? (Photos)

I am a 43 yr old with a terrible double chin. I have been reading about kybella and cool sculpting and I am trying to figure out which one would give me the best results. I am... READ MORE

Can cool sculpting be done after inner thigh lipo? (Photos)

I am a 43 yr old and had lipo on my inner thighs 6 months ago to stop them from rubbing together. The results were not optimal. One of my thighs is lumpy and the little bulge... READ MORE

VERY disappointed with tumescent lipo results (stomach, flanks and bra roll) - what are my options from here? (photo)

My board certified PS assured me that I had great skin elasticity and since I never gave birth, would have a great result from lipo. After my surgery, I noticed lumps/rolls on... READ MORE

What treatment would get rid of these old lady jowls? (42 year old) Kybella? Lipo? Fillers? (Photo)

I am currently trying coolsculpting to try & get rid of my double chin. It has only been a week,so I can't say whether it is a success. However I was told that this will... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: What are my options for treating loose skin after lipo of my back fat? (photos)

I am a 42 year old who had lipo done on my back fat. I was told by 3 different board certified PS that I had great skin elasticity & would be a great candidate for lipo.... READ MORE

Recent comments from StefB88

I see a huge difference! Are you happy with the results now? I did coolsculpting on my chin and had no results, so I would like to book chin lipo this summer. I am nervous about the results, but yours are very encouraging! :) READ COMMENT

Results were not good. Take a look at the after pictures and read my comments below. Waste of money for me. READ COMMENT

The after pictures are posted. As you can see, there is no difference. It was a waste of money for me READ COMMENT

The two applicators they used overlapped in the middle to the center. It also treated the sides, where I did have some fat also. I went for consults at 3 places and 2 of the 3 recommended the 2 applicators. Hope your results are better! READ COMMENT

Sorry, I meant to say $750 x 2 = $1500 READ COMMENT