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Thank you for your review. I didn't see the name of your doctor. I have gone to an excellent doctor previously but apparently he no longer does sculptra. Thanks READ COMMENT

Sorry for the delay. Sculptra is something that really takes patience. The results are slow and I'm not surprised that you haven't seen anything yet. Be patient (as hard as I know that is!). It will take months and the results will... READ COMMENT

I had sculptra around the marrionete lines (form a half circle from edge of your mouth on either side of the chin) and my lower cheeks). I want the doctor to put some on my upper cheek bones but have yet to ask him. It looks so natural... READ COMMENT

I have had sculptra too and love the results. My Dr prepares the sculptra a few days ahead of the injection so there are no problem with lumps. His name is Dr Beverly in OC. I got the recomendation from this site. He charged about $700... READ COMMENT