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I think that it could be safe. Surgeries are done with lasers. Melanomas are from sun damage. If lasers can remove the damage then its a good thing. I just cant seem to get enough unbiased info about the photo therapy. Teri READ COMMENT

On My face? I had it done 3 times. Two test ares at 2 diffrent levels of intensity were infront of my ear. The strongest level was done last Wednesday on my cheek. It really hurt and 5 dark spots surfaced imediately. The area was... READ COMMENT

Thank you so very much for your information. We I had the 3rd test spot done on my face it really hurt so I knew it was not some treatment to be taken lightly. It seems like I just cant get lots of information about the proceedure. ... READ COMMENT

Hi Lancer, i have olive skin and am 53. I am in the sun alot in the summer and sunblock dosent keep me from tanning. My dermatologist wants to do the photofacial but I am nervous. I had 3 test spots starting with the weekest level and... READ COMMENT

I have olive skin and am very nervous about geting the photofacial treatment. I had a test spot done 3 days ago and have 5 brown spots that appeared right away. They are still there. Will they go away? I worry it will leave pernament... READ COMMENT