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Honey I never said you weren't educated. Why do ppl wanna go back and forth with negativity on here ? It's not that serious . I have yet to say anything disrespectful to anyone. This is no more than a place to help one another at... READ COMMENT

First of all NeNe my post was not that of bashing in any way . I clearly made a point . And as you can see I offered the ladies another form of help before she even made her statement. Fortunately for me her info will not make or... READ COMMENT

Furthermore, its like telling ppl to go research a cocaine dealer As if easily obtaining illegal products from a legitimate source is A cake walk . Be realistic . But ladies I would suggest researching doctors abroad who offer this... READ COMMENT

Yea Alexis your are definitely right about the motels And basements deal. But honestly I'm pretty sure you Know that pmma is not legal in the states and saying fend For ourselves is like a needle in a haystack . Don't get me... READ COMMENT

I've been researching the Brazilian butt lift all night And I'm gonna go that route. Way to many horror stories With these injections and quite frankly I have too much Going for myself to become one of these victims. The BBL Gives... READ COMMENT