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Lip Lift Consultation

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Lip Lift

17 Nov 2016, Created 7 months ago

Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I'm not sure if it is fair to review a doctor I haven't had a procedure with, but I had a consultation for a lip lift via the telephone with Dr. Rodriguez. I found him very straightforward and cautious about doing things the right way. He gave honest advice that I wasn't hearing from some other sales oriented doctors I had spoken with. I've researched a lot of doctors and Dr. Rodriguez is... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Advancement and Chin Setback (Lefort 1 and Genioplasty) - Costa Rica

I had jaw surgery about four weeks ago in Costa Rica. My surgeon was great and worked well with my NYC orthodontist. They are old friends so it was not nearly as crazy as it sounds. The private hospital was super nice. As far as the surgery, it was smooth. Upper jaw was moved forward 6mm and chin moved back 4mm. I stayed one night in the hospital. SWELLING: Being swollen and tender is... READ MORE

Careprost (Generic Brand Latisse/bimatoprost) - Pittsburgh, PA

I bought bimatoprost under the Careprost brand since Latisse is just repackaged glaucoma drops. It's under $13 for a 3 mL bottle plus shipping. It doesn't come with brushes, so I purchased an eyeliner brush. I am almost six weeks in of daily use, and I doubt even half the bottle is gone. Also, I try to clean the brush with hot water and Listerine to prevent contamination. It took about... READ MORE

Turning 30 & Starting an Anti-aging Routine, Got Rid of Blackheads Instead! - Pittsburgh, PA

I purchased generic Retin-A cream (tretinoin made by Johnson & Johnson) in the .05% strength. My reason for starting this medicine to kick off an anti-aging routine. BACKGROUND: I have used the tanning bed in the past and was a flight attendant for six years. Other than some fine crows feet and the muscle between my eyebrows (which I get Botox for), my skin is still in pretty good shape. ... READ MORE

Skip Zoom Unless You Have Stains That At-home Treatments Have Not Fixed - New York, NY

Apparently, there are different types of machines: Zoom! and Zoom! 2. The second supposedly works better. I bought a $100 deal for Zoom whitening and am pretty sure it was the older version. I regret the purchase because the improvement was very difficult to notice. I already have white teeth. Doing Zoom made little to no difference, and I get brighter results with Crest Whitening Strips. READ MORE

Worth It but Be Prepared for a Follow-up

The healing process was relatively painless. There were some headaches that required pain medicine and of course bruising around the eyes. Tenderness lasted for 6+ months. I had rhinoplasty surgery 12 years ago when I was a senior in high school and chose a surgeon from the plastic surgery department at the hospital. There wasn't a lot of opportunity to see doctors' work then. I was very... READ MORE

Not Sure if the Damon System is Superior - New York, NY

Braces straighten teeth, regardless of the system. However, I am not sure Damon works better or faster. In fact, they may be just about equal as far as time for all the difficulty they come with. I was quoted as needing "at least a year" in traditional braces. However, I chose Damon because the estimate was 6-8 months. I have now had Damon braces on for a year and am not quite done, so... READ MORE

Cohesive Silicone Gel "Gummy Bear" Implants NOT RECOMENDED -San Jose, Costa Rica

Getting a breast augmentation was a great choice. The recovery was painless, andI have been happy since day one. However, I will be replacing my "gummy bear" implants with softer silicone gel implants because they are extremely firm. This probably does not apply to most people because these implants are not widely available in the USA. I was sold on them being longer lasting, more... READ MORE

Questions from sophierose

Cheek Implants After Orthognathic Surgery? (photo)

I am having orthognathic surgery. (upper jaw moved forward with genioplasty). The question is about how to correct the mid-face deficiency a Lefort 1 does not. I have adequate... READ MORE

Are there any laser treatments for older scars?

I have a few old surgical scars I would love to make disappear. A skin doctor told me 10 years ago that once a scar is no longer red, there is no effective laser treatment. One... READ MORE

I have a crooked chin after genioplasty. Would burring be a good option? (Photo)

I had a genioplasty with upper jaw surgery. It reduced my chin 4 mm horizontally. It was immediately apparent after surgery that it was asymmetrical; excess bone juts out on... READ MORE

Can bonding be used to make teeth larger/bigger? (photos)

My teeth are generally healthy, straight, and white enough. I just had orthognathic surgery to improve the occlusion/mid-face deficiency. However, in relation to my whole face,... READ MORE

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This is truly unbelievable. I was determined to get a revision through him and even more after seeing your results. I hope you keep posting photos as you heal. you look great! READ COMMENT

Hey girl, I'm going to have this done on the 10th and was just browsing other people's healing pictures to see how long it takes for the swelling to go down. For 5-6 days post, you look awesome. The results look absolutely fantastic!... READ COMMENT

Wow, I'm sorry this happened to you. Thank you for sharing this. READ COMMENT

Thanks so much. Have a great time abroad! READ COMMENT