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How Long Do I Need to Wait Following Laser Tattoo Removal Before I Can Go on Accutane?

I had my last tattoo removal treatment on Friday, there was some spotting blood and now it is calmer and scabbed. How long must I wait before I can start accutane? Thank you READ MORE

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My word you look amazing! Like 35 not 55!! That is exceptional. I honestly hope I look half as good as you when I'm your age. What skin care do you use? You have such smooth skin? READ COMMENT

Ok 1. I weigh 106.4 lbs (not sure what my weight has to do with anything but ... ) 2. I was going for constructive feedback which is what I thought would be appreciated. Like actual real tips to improve on what you have got as opposed... READ COMMENT

Also get a zinc & vitamin C & E supplement - it will aid in healing xx look up Obagi Clenziderm range. It's expensive but it lasts a long time and it's excellent. Xx READ COMMENT

Oh honey, it's awful. I know how you feel, I had it bad and I had to have 4 course of accutane. Finally on the last time, My derm put me on a low dose 20mg for longer rather than high dose for 5 months. Which cleared it and then after 6... READ COMMENT

You have most likely permanently scarred yourself. It is very foolish to use 100% TCA neat on skin, dermatologists don't even use this. It must be diluted to about 25% using 1 part TCA+1 part water. Go to a dermatologist now and see if... READ COMMENT