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I go along with everything you say. I'm 64 and you'de never know it. Her stuff is the greatest, but it has now been discontinued and I'm having a fit about that. Buying every thing on can on ebay to stock up until I can find... READ COMMENT

Olay stops your pours from breathing. Not good stuff. READ COMMENT

No way jose'. You can't compare In An Instant w/ Avon. Avon is just greese. Now that In An Instant has been discontinued I'm buying up all that I can online until I can find something better. It took me a long time to find something... READ COMMENT

Put it on ebay. Only if not used. I'll buy it and so will all the other people who love the product. I've bought all that I can get my hands on. Love the stuff and I'm 64 and it has done wonders for my skin. READ COMMENT

It's well worth it, take it from me. If you don't want it, sell what you havent used on ebay, everyone buying it out since it has been discontinued and it's a great product. Let me know if you decide to do that. I'll buy it. I'm... READ COMMENT