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Terrified More Than Ready for a New Lease: Age 45 - Plantation, FL

I began considering a minilift after having an emergency hysterectomy last summer. I did not go on hormone replacement and saw MAJOR changes in my appearance like a literal landslide beginning shortly after my procedure. My hope was to cut the radical changes off at the pass. I did my homework and heard wonderful things about Dr. Wayne Mucci. Despite what I was able to view online on my... READ MORE

Labiaplasty in the Hands of an Expert: Dr. Richard Lawrence Bloy - Fort Myers, FL

I have been contemplating labiaplasty for some time now. I only have one child and my issues with my labia were not due to childbirth. They were more genetic than anything else. To be honest, I just liked the look of a vagina with very little excess skin. I met with Dr. Bloy and his staff to discuss my questions and concerns. Obviously, this particular subject matter could even make the... READ MORE

If You Are Not Familiar with Cellulaze, You Will Be! - Miami, FL

I am 5'8" and 110 lbs. In my late teens and through my twenties, I was a swimsuit model. Last year, I was asked to do a "Women in their 40's," calendar. Despite what you have just read, I have also have had cellulite throughout my adult life, worsening over time. I have never dieted, eat right, workout regularly, tried every lotion/potion, and every spa remedy from... READ MORE

Questions from soleyne

What are Medical Options for Unattractive Montgomery Glands?

I have read all available information online regarding Montgomery Glands and their "normalcy". All I know with certainty is that they make my otherwise attractive... READ MORE

Crepey forearm skin-age 49. Any suggestions?

I am 49 and have begun to have crepey skin on my forearms. Would your recommend Fraxel or Smartskin CO2 for this issue(Or something else?)? I have actually considered a forearm... READ MORE

Variation in incision line for a potential forearm lift.

I am very slender and oddly have laxity in my lower arm area as opposed to my upper. If the laxity is minimum but bothersome enough to do something about, I have heard the... READ MORE

Recent comments from soleyne

Hi. Can you please share how long it took for the scars to begin to fade? Were they easily detectable for 3 months...6 months...etc? Also, can I please ask your age because obviously, it effects how well a person heals. Thank you... READ COMMENT

I had the very same experience...colossal waste of effort and money. Skin is looser now. Not for slim women and they should warn people of that. READ COMMENT

I am now considering a YouLift with Dr. Mucci. Is this what you had? Your photograph of "after" says, "seven days post surgery". Your text says thirteen days post. Can you tell when the after photo was taken? I am concerned about... READ COMMENT

You look beautiful. Excuse my apparent ignorance, but where is the incision for the fat transfer into the breasts? I do not see it. READ COMMENT

You look very happy for you. Are your stitches along your hairline? Hard to tell. Please keep posting followup pictures:) READ COMMENT