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Worst Surgeon Ever - Fort Belvoir, VA

I paid market price to have my breasts done after 5 kids and significant weight loss. After just a few weeks they began to bottom out and dbl bubble. His nurse told me to get better bras. I asked about a revision but was told that it would be painful with a tough recovery and that he didnt advise it. We moved to fort Bragg nc and the ps here told me that he got so many women that went to... READ MORE

One Will Understand - Richmond, VA

I'm having a "Tuck&Fluff" on the 16th and the only person who knows the truth is my husband who is absolutely behind me no matter what I do, as for the rest of the extended family,well lets just say that they would be against it for several reasons and none would have to do with my health.I would absoluetly be the talk of the family for years to come and it would all be... READ MORE

Questions from mommyofmany

I've Been Told Not to Take Any Multivitamines for 2wks Before Surgery, Why Not?

I've read on several sites about what to take before my tuck but the hosp. gave me instructions not to even take a multivitamine. why not take a multi? Do I Have to... READ MORE

Will a Bottomed out Implant Continue to Drop?

I had a 425cc implant in my right breast and a 450cc in my left. a month later I noticed that my right implant had fallen about an inch and a half below the scar and crease... READ MORE

Please Somebody Help Me. My Breasts Have Bottomed Out and Double Bubbled? (photo)

I paid the army to do my implants and within 3wks they bottomed out and double bubbled and it will cost twice as much to fix them. I don't want to see the same doc again... READ MORE

Is It Better to Use Beladerm or Just Stitching? (photo)

I had my BA about a year ago. Just a few weeks later they began to bottom out and double bubble. Now I have to have a revision and don't know the best way to have it done. Some... READ MORE

I Need a Revision and Can't Find a Doc in my Area? Double Bubble and Snoopy Boobs? (photo)

I've looked and looked and looked. I've looked at ps websites and seen the revisions that they have done and I gotta tell ya the results weren't what I'd call pretty. I don't... READ MORE

After Correcting Bottoming out? (photo)

Can a crease be created below the breast after correcting bottoming out to help hide the scar? READ MORE

Discussions started by mommyofmany

Has anyone used biocornium for their scars? Does it work?

I'm have a revision done on my breasts and have a tummy tuck scar that's a year old and is still purple and ugly. I heard biocornium can fix that problem.  READ MORE

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Good luck on your big day and happy healing. I am 2wks post op today and feel pretty great. I get tired pretty easy but I don't have anymore pain and haven't needed any pain meds in days. I'm still swollen but I love my new body. (Oh,... READ COMMENT

I am much older than you but have the same tummy problems that you did and was wondering if anyone in this forum has any info on my surgeon. his name is Dr.Emmanuel Bonnecarrere. im in the DC area and other than his certs and creds,... READ COMMENT

It's nearly 4am and I can't stop reading.I just read your survival guide and laughed so hard I cried. It's a good thing that I found this site before my surgery or I would have busted a stitch. thank you so much for the humor. my... READ COMMENT