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Plastic Surgery Before or After Dental Work?

Hi there I am planning to undergo both a rhinoplasty and otoplasty later this year. I am also going to get some dental work done (6 porcelain veneers). Would it be best to get... READ MORE

I Have Heard that Otoplasty is Very Painful to Recover From, is this True?

I have heard stories from friends who have had this procedure and read online that an otoplasty is one of the most painful cosmetic procedures, particularly after surgery. I am... READ MORE

How Many Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Done at One Time? What Are Things That Affect General Anesthesia?

I'm planning on undergoing a rhinoplasty, otoplasty and two mole removals (most likely via incision), is it safe to do all these under the same general anesthesia. I have a... READ MORE

Recommendation For Lengthening For Gummy Smile, Small Teeth?

Hi there I am planning to get porcelain veneers done later this year. However I am starting to think that I could benefit from some tooth lengthening as I feel that my smile is... READ MORE

What Types of Teeth Can Porcelain Veneers Be Placed on?

I know that veneers can be placed on your front incisors, but can they also be placed on your canines and molar teeth aswell? Or do you need to get a crown for these teeth? READ MORE

Gender Re-assignment Surgery, Is this Normally Performed by a PS or a Specialist?

Is gender re-assignment surgery performed by a regular plastic surgeon or does it require a specialist. If so are there any specialists in the United States that perform these... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Bonding or Veneer for Small Chip or Imperfection?

While I know that veneers are generally superior to their composite/bonding counterpart, would it be better to in fact use bonding to fix very minor chips or imperfections... READ MORE

Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles, is This Genetic? What are Non-Surgical Options?

Hi I am only 22 but yet always have puffy bags and dark circles under my eyes. I always make sure to get enough sleep and my diet is in check. I have tried nearly every eye... READ MORE

Professional Thoughts on Injecting Melanotan for Tanning?

Despite pending FDA approval, what are the thoughts of both dermatologists and plastic surgeons, regarding the injecting of synthetic hormones Melanotan and Melanotan II for... READ MORE

Recommendations: Bonding or Veneers (photo)

I've been looking at options for fixing some minor issues that I'm having with my teeth. I am tossing up between bonding & veneers I know veneers are superior to... READ MORE

Recommended Vitamins and Supplements to Be Taken Prior and Post Surgery?

Hi, so there is a lot of information regarding vitamins and sups that are not recommended to be taken prior surgery such as,Vitamin E. Just wondering are there any vitamins or... READ MORE

Botox and Fillers Before Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty?

Is it safe to have Botox in the forehead and fillers for the smile lines before plastic surgery particularly a rhinoplasty and otoplasty? Or will this affect the overall result? READ MORE

Do Plastic Surgeons Need to Be So "Violent" in Their Technique when Performing a Rhinoplasty?

I have been watching various rhinoplasty and liposuction procedures on youtube. I noticed that plastic surgeons even though I am very sure they know what they are doing, are... READ MORE

Is Possible to Get a Tip Plasty After a Rhinoplasty if the Results Are Not What You Want? What Are the Pros/cons? (photo)

My surgeon has said that he will narrow the bridge, but refuses to do a tipplasty. He said the tip is already pointy. My nose is in reality quite small and nicely shaped apart... READ MORE

Nose Tape Wet (Closed Rhinoplasty)?

I accidently got the nose tape wet. I have had a closed rhinoplasty and have no splint or packing just some tape on the outside of my nose. Should I be concerned? READ MORE

Otoplasty - Have my Ears Have Been Under - Corrected? Should I Be Concerned?

Hi I'm 4 months post op and concerned about the results of my otoplasty. I feel that my ears have relaxed too much since surgery, possibly under corrected My concern is with... READ MORE

Suggestions to Improve Weak Jaw Line? (photo)

Hi there I am looking for suggestions on how to improve my jaw line. I would like to have a more chiseled and masculine looking jaw line. I have attached a photo bellow to... READ MORE

Gash in Forehead from Fall. What to So About Scar? (photo)

I fell over yesterday after I fainted and have about a 2 - 2.5 gash on my forehead. The doctor at the hospital closed the wound using some type if glue. I'm really worries... READ MORE