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Excellent experience and beautiful results !

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Eyelid Surgery

19 Sep 2016, Created 1 year ago

James M. Pearson, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I was noticing the "droopy eyelid " issue as one starts to approach late 40's, was bothered by hooded, tired look of my eyes. Of course I did my due diligence and went on this site to research docs. I wanted someone who specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and was willing to travel out-of-state. Well this particular doctor stood out based on some excellent reviews, and I traveled... READ MORE

About to Do Butt Implants W/ Dr Stanton, Question for Those Who Already Did This Procedure - Beverly Hills, CA

For those ladies who've done butt implants with Dr. Stanton in Beverly Hills, can I ask about the recovery ? I see many posts about 2 weeks of Pain, as well as nerve pain coming down your legs or calves. When you take the pain meds that were prescribed, does it alleviate the pain ? Next question, do the meds make pain go away so that you are able to Sleep at night ? Did any of... READ MORE

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I love how open and honest you are about the recovery process (for those of us who are considering doing this procedure, it is so very helpful). And when you are up to it, please post more pics of how your bum is progressing, I know... READ COMMENT

Hi, Thank you for posting your experience. There are some of us here that are scheduled for this procedure very soon... would it be possible for you to post some updated pics ? Pics of what you refer to as "smaller than before" butt... READ COMMENT

Hi, love your results. You mention "doing crunches with my special machine without sitting on the implants".... what is this special machine ? I am in need of doing crunches as I have a bit of tummy and would love to get more info... READ COMMENT

Hi, did you go to Bev Hills by yourself or did u have someone help you with the recovery ? And how long did u stay in L.A. to recover ? READ COMMENT