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Fat Grafting Not Possible After Two Aweful Agressives Lippo.. What Are my Options?

Dear doctors, I'm a 23 y-o woman, am not an english speaker so my apologies for my mistakes. my body was well proportionned but i wanted a lippo, and i had it in France 4y... READ MORE

Need More Balance on my Face, Injection on my Mandibula or Zygoma Reduction?

Dear doctors, My lower face is too narrow compared to my middle face, and my hairline is too "high" so my face looks disproportionate. Can hair transplant fix that?... READ MORE

Fat Transfert for Jaw Augmentation?

Dear doctors, thank you to take the time to read me. I need a jaw augmentation and i've seen 5 doctors so far. They offer me medpore implants or fat grafting. I've been... READ MORE

Can a Silicone Jaw Implant become Infected or Rejected After Many Years?

Although are medpore better? i heard that they do scare tissues. I have butt implants rejection 4 months ago, is it likely to happend with silicone jaw implants? I've had a... READ MORE

Do I Have To Get My Restylane Dissolved Before V-Y Plasty Surgery? Any Doctor Here From London Does V-Y Plasty Often?

Hello dear lovely doctors, I'd like to know if i have to dissolve my restylan with Hayalse before the surgery to get the proper amount of augmentation i'd like, and if there is... READ MORE

Why Fat Transfer Isn't Good for the Temple and Above the Brows Augmentation?

Hello dear doctors, I have depressions on the temples and above the brows. I already had fillers who did wonders but it's way too expensive because i need a lot of volume. I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for a Vertical Lenghtning of the Lower Third Part of the Face?

Hello dear doctors, I've tried custom made jaw implants to increase the vertical length of the lower of my face but i have to have them removed 2 weeks after surgery because i... READ MORE

Had Been Offered Too Many Tratments by Different Dermatologists for my Bad Skin Condition, What Should I Ge with Less Down Time?

Dear doctors my nose is covered by black heads that even professional make up can't cover they are in relief and i can feel them but can't extract them, white heads all over my... READ MORE

Swelling Didn't Get Down After One Year and One Month, Zygomatic Arch Reduction. Round Moon Face, What Are my Options? (photo)

Dear doctors, i had a zygoma arch reduction a year ago. I was very swollen after the surgery and it didn't change much over time. i took diueretics arnica and have done... READ MORE

Would a combined malar submalar implant or extended orbital rim-malar implant be best for my very concave middle face? (photos)

Dear lovely doctors, i have a very flat middle face, starting from under my eyes. I have great lateral projection on my cheek-zygomatic area already. I just greatly need middle... READ MORE

Is it possible to stretch my stomach after a sleeve gastrectomy surgery? How long would it take?

Hi there, i had my surgery 6monts ago but i feel like since last month i can eat 3-5 more spoons of food than i could previously and it does worry me because once or twice per... READ MORE

Is it possible to put two differents malar/cheeks implants on top of eachother and fix them with screws? (Photo)

My middle face lacks bone structure and volume, my ps will adress it with extended orbital rim/malar implants, and because i want the apple-rounded cheeks he said he could put... READ MORE

How many hair follicles do we loose during a Facelift done after extreme weight loss?

Hi there, my aunt is 32 but had a facelift a year ago after an extrem weight loss. Her skin and fat were sagging. She loves the results but feels like her hair is less dense... READ MORE

Is it possible to get custom made hips and outer thighs implants?

Hi dear lovely doctors I have very narrow outer thighs and no hips, and not enough fat for the dramatic results i'm seeking. Is it possible to get this implant made (see... READ MORE

Can any doctor name a wide diameter gluteal implant? In Europe, we only have Sebbin and Silimed (Photo)

They are too narrow and stop at 500 cc oval wich give projection of 4.5 cm for the biggest but aren't wide enough to really fill in the buttock and give hips .i have no hips... READ MORE

Please help me decide between terino chin implant or lengthening implant. I am also planning to get jaw angle implants (Photo)

Lot of doctors who gave many different opinions about which chin implant i should get.terrino or the new lengthening. had an advanced chin before but did nothing for my narrow... READ MORE