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Discoloration, Lumps and Uneven Healing After Smart Lipo

I had smart lipo 3 weeks ago to even out saddle bags on the outer thighs. The procedure was ok. He only suctioned 300 cc for both the sides. My first feeling was that this amount taken was not really enough.The recovery takes longer than expected. I am 3 weeks out and I still have uneven swelling and discoloration. The bruising is gone. But the area treated has darker col READ MORE

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Red Spot on Lip After Restylane Injection - Could This Be a Broken Vessel?

I got my lips injected with Restylane. After the injection which caused a couple of bruises, I also have a red spot (like a red bruise or broken vessel) just outside the lower... READ MORE

Can I Use Bimatoprost 0.03% Instead of Latisse?

What is the difference between Latisse and Bimatoprost 0.03%. Can I use Bimatoprost 0.03% from Allergan instead of Latisse? (It is much cheaper and costs in India from... READ MORE

Risks of Silicone Lip Injections

What is the current status of the risks and FDA approval for Silicone lip injections? What results can be expected from the microdroplet technique? Is this recommended for... READ MORE

Lump After Matridex Lip Injections

I had HA-based filler (with a small amount of sugar molecules) called Matridex injected to my lips, and I developed a small nodule. Also, since it is in the wet mucosa, my... READ MORE

What to Do About Skin Discoloration After Smart Lipo?

I had smart lipo done 8 weeks ago to the saddle bags - outer thighs - and I still have discolored skin. The skin is darker (I am caucasian) in the area where the smart lipo and... READ MORE

Options to Fix Nasal Flare when Smiling?

I have this excessive nasal flare when smiling. In repose the nose (widths) looks ok. The width of my nose increases a lot when I am smiling and laughing.I feel very... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation - Which Technique is Superior? Intraoral Route?

I am considering getting a filler to the cheeks to get more volume. Due to my age and genes I have lost fat in my face which makes my face look a bit gaunt. I am considering... READ MORE

Empress CAD-CAM Veneers Vs Empress Esthetic Veneers?

I see that Ivoclar is offering two types of veneers: The Press Empress esthetic technology and the Empress CAD/CAM veneers. What is the difference and which are better? Thanks READ MORE

Are Procera Veneers Better Than Traditional Empress Veneers?

Are the relatively new Procera Veneers from Nobel Biocare any better than for example the Empress Esthetic veneers? I understand that in the end it is the skill and aesthetic... READ MORE

Can I Have Veneers on the Upper and Lower Teeth with a Very Deep Bite?

I had a very deep bite and due to the orthodontic treatment for 3 years it is come to a point where my lower teeth do not touch my upper teeth anymore. But still the bite is a... READ MORE

Post Lava Crown: Black Line Still Present?

I got three old PMF crowns (molars) replaced with three Lava crowns just recently. I am wondering why there is still some kind of darkness in between the three crowns and a... READ MORE

Possible to Have Smooth Fat Transfer to Temples with Thin Caucasian Skin?

Is it possible to achieve a very natural and smooth result lumps and unregularities) for a fat graft to the temples when the skin is very thin? I am caucasian and have severe... READ MORE

Am I a case for revision blepheroplasty? (photos)

I had a blepheroplasty with inscissions under the eyelashes 17 years ago. (I am female and 47 now). The fat was taken out and some of it redistributed. My problem is that I... READ MORE

Can a necklift be done alone? After having had an isolated necklift can I have a full facelift years later?

I am wondering if the outcome of an isolated necklift is good considering that only the lower third of the face is lifted. Why isn´t that done more frequently? What are the ... READ MORE

Why is there so much controversy on the benefits of an arcus marginalis release (with fat repositioning).

I have consulted several plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons specializing on eyelid surgery and some say it is a very beneficial procedure and some say the repositioned... READ MORE

Is it ok for Silikon 1000 injected lips (microdroplet technique) to be topped up with Restylane?

I was wondering if I got one round of Silikon 1000 to the lips can I still later (maybe half a year later) get some Restylane to temporarily augment my lips? Or do lips once... READ MORE

Liposuction technique for love handles?

1. What is the best liposuction technique for love handles? 2. I am normal weight and I work out, but my love handles are stubborn and don´t respond to any workout I have ... READ MORE

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Hi there, I see the difference. I also have used Latisse and not only made it my upper lid purlple pinkish it also changed my eye colour. My eyes even got a different colour in both eyes now. They got darker - one eye more than the... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear that this has happened and I also would be devastated. It is a shame that both Doctors and the Company denies that this is a side effect which occurs more often than they want us make believe. I myself got purple... READ COMMENT

Thanks a lot for your review. I am so impressed how good your scar looks after only two days! Amazing! Very nice lips and shape. Do you feel any distortion of your mouth when you talk? Does it feel different? How is your healing... READ COMMENT

Hi Lola, how is your recovery so far? How many days/weeks did you have to hide away. Or with other words, when could you camouflage your procedure so other people did not notice? Thanks so much. READ COMMENT

Do you mind, sending me a pm about the doctor you went to in Germany? I would like to get this procedure also. Thanks so much !!!! READ COMMENT