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7 weeks tmrw: no picnic!

I'm 40 yrs old and have no kids. I've been overweight my whole life - 150-160 on a 5'5" small frame. I've tried various diets over the years - I've always been an athlete so never worried much about the lbs. About 2 years ago I stopped eating anything that comes from a package, just about anything with preservatives - really changed my diet around. About 40 lbs... READ MORE

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Just started seriously considering BA and have to tell you, your blog is awesome! You have a great sense of humor and bring up a lot of issues that I think about. Best of luck with your procedure, I'll be watching to see how you heal! READ COMMENT

Bambi don't apologize, you're not butting in, that's what these blogs are for I think, just to vent and to discover people feel the same way we do. I really try to maintain a positive attitude. Sometimes it's easier than others... I... READ COMMENT

Yes Candy you are right and I am actually beginning to make some plans to that end. Things don't change, we have to change them and that's what I'm beginning to do. I do have toxic people in my family and have that pretty well under... READ COMMENT

I replied to this post but somehow it got placed further down. Anyway thank you for posting this, I appreciate your input. This and my family have been the worst part of this surgery - and that shouldn't be the case! READ COMMENT

Candy I know exactly what you are saying, I goes I felt like he would step up and he didn't, maybe he didn't know what I was needing from him but then I made it pretty clear and he seems to forget from day to day. Of course now I need... READ COMMENT