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Asian ptosis repair. What are my chances of getting the right eye to match the left eye? (Photo)

I had an eye infection which left me with one eye in need of ptosis repair. I have read that the success rate for surgical repair is within 2cm. What are my chances of getting... READ MORE

What I can expect when I have my ptosis Mueller surgery? I will be sedated (Photo)

I was told there is a possibility that the internal stitches might be uncomfortable. How common is this side effect? What can be done to alleviate the discomfort? Also are dry... READ MORE

Will the contour and crease of my upper eyelid return after ptosis surgery? (Photo)

It is Day 12 after the Mueller procedure. As you can see there is a bump near the inner corner of my upper eyelid that has been there since my surgery even after stitches came... READ MORE

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Thank you! You are inspiring me because you look so good. I think I need an eye lift in the near future but fear the recovery time since the ptosis surgery experience, that's why I asked. :) READ COMMENT

I agree, your results are excellent! Have you had any kind of surgery before so that you know you heal quickly? I had ptosis surgery and it took a year for my crease to return but I know I heal slowly. It runs in my family. READ COMMENT

Can you show us your updated results? Would love to see them. I plan to visit Dr. Lee this year! Thank you! READ COMMENT

I'm happy for you! I am Asian and had ptosis surgery on one eye. The eye is lifted but my eyelid crease has disappeared. My doctor said this has never happened. So now I am waiting, it has been 3 months and it is still a little swollen... READ COMMENT

I am 50 days post op for ptosis surgery and I am not symmetrical either because my eyelid crease is lost. The doctor keeps telling me it's swollen, I hope he is right. I am wearing make up and that seems to do the trick but it is... READ COMMENT