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Has anyone ever had their eye totally close after injections?

A week ago I had botox injections to stop a facial twitch.  Now my eye is totally closed and I have to really concentrate to even open it a slit.  Has anyone ever... READ MORE

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Oh my gosh, that must be difficult- I can't even wax my own eyebrows right now let alone cut hair! Here's to hoping that they open quickly. My daughter actually commented last night that my eye was open a little more, it is happening,... READ COMMENT

I hear you. I have just decided to try and keep my sense of humor about it. Yesterday at work I was helping a customer, I work retail so I can't hide, and as I was walking away the ladies child "whispered", "mommy, what do you think... READ COMMENT

It's been almost a month. I know it is more annoying than I describe, but you understand that. I am trying not to be grumpy, but it makes me that way. Sadly they said it could last up to three months, not until the botox wears off :0( READ COMMENT

I am going on week 3 and my eye is still closed. I can open it a slit- hopefully it won't take 3 months! READ COMMENT

Just regular exercise? or just facial exercises? READ COMMENT